Hi. You've reached the homepage of Michael Etnier.  I'm an alum from the archaeology program at the University of Washington, and am currently Affiliate Faculty with the UW Anthropology Department.  My main research interests are zooarchaeology, marine mammal ecology, and historical biogeography.  I'm particularly interested in research on marine mammals that combines aspects of modern population studies with applied zooarchaeological studies of the same species.
I currently live in Bellingham, WA, where I am running my own consulting business (Applied Osteology).  I am also developing collaborative projects with researchers at UC Santa Cruz (stable isotope analyses) and the Seattle Aquarium (ancient DNA analyses).

Here are the details of my c.v. and a series of PDF files of my dissertation (including all of the raw measurement data for the growth curves of different fur seal skeletal elements).  I've also added a bunch of pictures of how my friends and I occupy our spare time:

dissertation files
skiing pictures.....
my wooden boat re-building project
my personal Kuril Biocomplexity Project web site
the official Kuril Biocomplexity Project web site

Some other links that may be of interest:

Want to hike all the trails in the Smoky Mountains?  Then check out my Mom's cool new book!  "Day Hiker's Guide to All the Trails in the Smoky Mountains" by Elizabeth (Liz) Etnier. She gives descriptions and details on how to hike all the trails in the Smoky Mountains in 75 day hikes. It can be seen on the publisher's web site: singingriverpublications.com
NOAA marine mammals page, with information on the effects of the El Niño events on pinniped populations.

EPA NCERQA :  these are the folks that funded my research 1998-2001

National Park Service Cultural Resources

Katmai National Park

please send comments, questions, or suggestions to metnier@u.washington.edu

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