My research is at the intersection of control theory, networks, aerospace systems, robotics, optimization, and data science, with a multi-disciplineary twist to such areas as aerospace autonomy and dynamic networks.

The research contributions have been reflected in:

RAIN Lab is the main engine behind a lot of this research. The topics we consider in the group include:

  • Distributed Systems & Networks: Coordination algorithms, synchronization, control over networks, distributed optimization, algebraic graph theory, formations, space constellations, swarms, mixed networks, product networks, multi-time scale networks, human/bots teams, aerospace networks, robotic networks, network control and dynamics, state-dependent networks, uncertain/random networks, adaptive and resilient networks, system theory of networks, fundamental theory, algorithms, and applications.
  • Autonomy & Control: Optimization-based synthesis, semidefinite and convex programming, duality, rank constrained and nonconvex optimization, robust and optimal control, real time motion planning, computational control, distributed actuation, perception-based control, fundamental theory, algorithms, and implementation for control/estimation, robotics, trajectory planning, flight systems, energy optimization, human/bots teams, cubesats, space systems, and planetary landing with constraints.
  • Data-guided Decision-making: Learning for feedback control and autonomy, data-guided network control, trade-offs between identification and control, fundamental guarantees, dimension reduction, safe learning, data-guided control, first order methods for control and games, reinforcement learning, and federated/distributed learning.
  • Engineering Education: Learning paradigms, effective teaching, social learning, write/code/build to learn, online learning, inclusive teaching, teaching across disciplines and cultures.


Controlling Robotic Swarms (Brian Douglas):

How to Land on a Planet (Brian Douglas):

Flying Smart with Autonomous Vehicles (UW TV):


Prospective Students

If you are a perspective student interested in exploring joining the RAIN Lab, I highly recommend looking at some of the work that has been done by the group and see if there is synergy between your interest and the lab research. Generally, the students who come to our group enjoy math, coding, tinkering with hardware, and in addition to having a passion for aerospace systems and robotics, but also multidisciplinary applications of control and optimization.