• ARO: MURI Predicting and controlling systems of interdependent networks (with Raissa D'Souza)
  • ONR: Online Distributed Optimization (with Maryam Fazel)
  • Boeing: Advanced Control Methods for Aircraft Flight Systems (with Kristi Morgansen)
  • NASA: 6DOF Constrained Motion Planning Algorithms with Applications to Autonomous Pin-point Landing (with Behcet Acikmese)
  • DARPA: Breaking the Neuro-code
  • NSF: Data-guided decision-making for infrastructure networks


  • DARPA: Data-guided Controllability: Learning from the Human Genome (with Indika Rajapakse, Anthony Bloch, Stephen Smale)
  • Adaptive Energy Management (Boeing)
  • A Network-centric Formalism for Disturbance Rejection Design and Human-swarm Interaction (AFOSR)
  • Semi-autonomous networks (NSF)
  • Networked systems security: system-theoretic perspective (AFOSR)
  • Formation observers and estimators (JPL/NASA)
  • Robustness of networked systems via graph-theoretic methods (NSF)
  • Analysis of co-simulation (Boeing)
  • Multiple UAV Deconfliction (Boeing)
  • Distributed Space Systems (NSF CAREER)
  • Nonconvex Motion Planning (JPL/NASA)
  • Switching Control Laws for Spacecraft formations (JPL/NASA)
  • UAV Formations with Switching Information-exchange topologies (Boeing)
  • Hybrid Control for Supercavitating flight (ONR)
  • Distributed estimation (JPL/NASA)
  • Murdock Foundation