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I am a theoretical astrophysicist and cosmologist in the University of Washington.  I study the evolution of cosmic matter from the infant Universe up until the present, typically focusing on structures larger than the sizes of galaxies.  Click here for additional details on my research.

Here is a link to my publications and to selected professional talks

Here is a link to my review article on the IGM in ARA&A.

Here is a short CV.

People I’m currently collaborating with at UW:

Undergraduates:  Eden Harris, Christopher Sharp, Bayu Wilson

Graduate students: Erik Anson, Phoebe Upton Sanderbeck

Postdocs: Vid Irsic

Departures: Anson D’Aloisio (prof. at UC Riverside), Akshay Ghalsasi (postdoc fellowship at Cincinnati/UCSC), Jonnie Pober (prof. at Brown), John Ruan (postdoc fellowship at McGill)

Contact Information:

Physics-Astronomy Building,

Room B372,

University of Washington

mcquinn at uw dot edu