Physics 578 - Special Topics in Theoretical Physics - spring 2016

Thermal Quantum Field Theory

  Instructor: Laurence G. Yaffe []
  Class Meetings: 2:00-3:20pm MW, B110

Reading list (preliminary):

  1. D. Gross, R. Pisarski & L. Yaffe, QCD and instantons at finite temperatue, Rev. Mod. Phys. 53, 43 (1981).
  2. B. Svetitsky, Symmetry Aspects of Finite Temperature Confinement Transitions, Phys. Rep. 132, 1--53 (1986).
  3. E. Braaten & A. Nieto, Effective field theory approach to high temperature thermodynamics, Phys. Rev. D51, 6990-7006 (1995).
  4. E. Braaten & A. Nieto, Free energy of QCD at high temperature, Phys. Rev. D53, 3421-3437 (1996).
  5. P. Arnold & L. Yaffe, Effective theories for real time correlations in hot plasmas, Phys. Rev. D57, 1178-1192 (1998).

Somewhat recommended books:

J. Kapusta & C. Gale, Finite-temperature Field Theory Principles and Applications
M. Le Bellac, Thermal Field Theory
E. Calzetta & B.-L. Hu, Nonequilibrium Quantum Field Theory