Physics 564 - General Relativity - autumn 2016

  Instructor: Laurence G. Yaffe []
  TA: Brandon Robinson []
  Lectures: 1:00-2:20pm TTh, B101
  Web site:

Recommended books:

  1. Sean Carroll, Spacetime and Geometry: an introduction to general relativity
  2. Misner, Thorne and Wheeler, Gravitation
  3. Robert Wald, General Relativity
  4. Lightman, Press, Price and Teukolsky, Problem book in relativity and gravitation
  5. Eric Poisson, An advanced course in general relativity [pdf]

Homework assignments:

Mathematica package Riemannian Geometry & Tensor Calculus package:

Download these files and then input the code to Mathematica using "<< EDCRGTCcode.m"