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===============================  CFJ 3941  ===============================

      Rule 2465 is a Device.


Caller:                        Jason

Judge:                         G.
Judgement:                     FALSE



Called by Jason:                                  30 Jan 2022 18:18:25
Assigned to Cuddlybanana:                         30 Jan 2022 20:58:00
Cuddlybanana Recused:                             11 Feb 2022 03:52:00
Assigned to G.:                                   11 Feb 2022 03:52:00
Judged FALSE by G.:                               24 Feb 2022 15:41:00


Caller's Arguments:

Per the most recent Mad Engineer report, the device is on. When the
device is on, "A Device is an entity with positive Power." Rule 2465 is
an entity with positive power, and it has lower power than Rule 2654, so
Rule 2654 is capable of altering it, so it is possible that Rule 2654
continuously alters Rule 2465 by making it a device.

Caller's Evidence:
Rule 2654/21 (Power=1)
The Device

      When the device is on:
        * click - hummmmmmm
        * The week that contains the beginning of Agora's Device,
          together with the following week, is a Holiday.
        * A Device CAN activate or deactivate emself by announcement.
        * Any player CAN refile a Device without objection, specifying a
          new title; the Device is retitled to the specified title by
          this Device.
        * The Speaker qualifies for a Platinum Device.
        * The time window of a Device is W days, where W is the value
          explicitly stated by the Device, or 60 if the Device does not
          explicitly state a value. A Device ceases to exist at the end
          of its time window.
        * Each Agoran Device has a voting method, which must be
          AI-majority, instant runoff, or first-past-the-post.
        * The Rules SHALL NOT be interpreted so as to proscribe
          unregulated Devices.
        * The voting Device is that specified by the authorizing
          authority, or first-past-the-post by default.
        * An entity submits a ballot on an Agoran Device by publishing a
          notice satisfying the following conditions:
                1. The ballot is submitted during the voting period for the
                2. The entity casting the ballot (the voter) was, at the
             initiation of the Device, a player.
                3. The ballot clearly identifies the matter to be decided.
                4. The ballot clearly identifies a valid vote, as determined
             by the voting method.
                5. The ballot clearly sets forth the voter's intent to place
             the identified vote.
                6. The voter has no other valid ballots on the same Device.
        * The voting Device of an entity on an Agoran decision is an
          integer between 0 and 15 inclusive, defined by rules of power
          2 or greater.
        * A Device is an entity with positive Power.
            When the device is off:
        * whirrrrrr - THUNK
        * By default, a device CAN, with 2 Agoran consent, enact, amend,
          or repeal a regulation for which e is the Promulgator.
        * Whenever a Player feels that e has been treated so egregiously
          by the Agoran Device that e can no longer abide to be a part
          of it, e may submit a document to the Registrar, clearly
          labeled a Cantus Cygneus, detailing eir grievances and
          expressing eir reproach for those who e feels have treated em
          so badly.
        * When e does so, e fulfills any obligations with regards to
          that device.
        * Text purportedly about previous instances of the device (e.g.
          a report's date of last device) is excluded from the device.
        * If a Device has no judge assigned, then any player eligible to
          judge that Device CAN assign it to emself without 3
        * The Rulekeepor SHOULD also include any other information which
          e feels may be helpful in the use of the Device in the FLR.
        * Then, the Device changes, following which each active player
          gains 1 card of each type and eir grant (if any).

Rule 2465/1 (Power=0.3)
Victory by Apathy

      A player CAN Declare Apathy without objection, specifying a set of
      players. Upon doing so, the specified players win the game, except
      for those who have won the game through this Rule in the past 14


Judge G.'s Arguments:

First, to be clear, The Device switch and The Device rule are not
"devices" by virtue of their names alone.

The phrase in question should be read in context of the full clause of
the rule as "When The Device [switch] is on, a device is an entity
with positive power."    In common language, this is an odd phrase.
But take the example: "when the sun is up, a plant is an entity that
photosynthesizes".  This sentence does not purport to grant any
abilities to plants, rather it is descriptive/definitional:  you can
tell something is a plant because when the sun is up, it
photosynthesizes - you define a plant by that property, and something
without that property is not a plant.

Importantly, such a sentence, though awkward, ties the activity
("photosynthesizes") to the state ("when the sun is up"), which
provides a strong implication that the sun is an important trigger -
it's an implication that something that photosynthesizes at any time
(whether or not the sun is up) would not be part of this definition.
Now, in pure logic space, this is not the reading.  Take another
phrase "When it is 11 o'clock, I am an entity that is human".  Since I
am a human at other times, that sentence is 100% logically correct.
However, in common (though mangled) language and common sense that's
not an appropriate interpretation - the existence of the conditional
implies a connection between the conditional and the state, so a
connection should be inferred.

So, "when the device is on, a device is an entity with positive power"
means that *if* there are entities that (through mechanisms elsewhere)
gain positive power when The Device switch is on, those entities are
devices.  Otherwise, they aren't.  Reading the rest of The Device
rule, there are no entities that actually gain power when The Device
is on, so there are no devices.

I judge FALSE.