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===============================  CFJ 3937  ===============================

      Jason has wielded the Hot Potato stone.


Caller:                        ais523

Judge:                         G.
Judgement:                     FALSE



Called by ais523:                                 15 Nov 2021 14:31:00
Assigned to G.:                                   16 Nov 2021 01:02:31
Judged FALSE by G.:                               16 Nov 2021 15:52:33


Caller's Evidence:

On Mon, 2021-11-15 at 15:38 -0500, Jason Cobb via agora-business wrote:
> On 11/15/21 15:36, Jason Cobb via agora-official wrote:
>> I perform the following actions if and only if they all succeed:
>> {
>> I destroy 150 of Jason's coins.
>> I cause the Hot Potato Stone to be transferred to Jason.
>> }
> I wield the Hot Potato stone, transferring it to ais523 (since I
> prevented eir wealth stone from being protected).

Excerpt from rule 2545 (power 2):
      The rule that authorizes the auction further authorizes the
      auctioneer or auction winners to transfer said items as necessary
      to conduct the auction in a manner consistent with the auction

Excerpt from rule 2642 (power 2):
      The Stonemason CAN initiate an auction for any set of stones
      belonging to Agora for which an auction is not ongoing, with each
      individual stone being an auction lot. The Stonemason is the
      auctioneer, and the currency is coins.

Excerpt from rule 2645 (power 2):
      - Hot Potato Stone (Weekly, 100%):  When this stone is wielded,
        the wielder gains 8 boatloads of coins if the wielder, in the
        same message as the wielding, transfers this stone to a player
        who has not owned this stone since Agora last owned it. This
        stone cannot otherwise be transferred, other rules

Caller's Arguments: 

The transfer of the Hot Potato stone to Jason during the
auction resolution was impossible. There's a contradiction between
rules about whether the transfer is possible; rules 2545 and 2642
attempt to make it possible, but rule 2645 attempts to make it
impossible. Rule 2645 contains an "other rules notwithstanding", so by
rule 1030, it wins the contradiction and prevents the transfer taking

This is probably a bug (and I only just noticed it, or I'd have
mentioned it earlier).


Judge G.'s Arguments:

I agree in full with the caller's arguments as to the nontransferability
of the Hot Potato Stone.  Furthermore, R2545 defines auctions as follows:

>      An auction is a way for entities to give away specified assets
>      (items), grouped into lots, in exchange for a currency. A lot is a
>      non-empty list of items to be transferred to a single recipient
>      (an auction winner).

If another rule says "The Officer CAN initiate an auction with the lot
being a nontransferable thing", that is not an auction by definition,
because it is not enabling a method for giving away said assets, so it is
not a "list of items to be transferred".  While R2642 is the same power as
R2545, it does not explicitly claim precedence over the R2545 definition
(e.g. by saying "can initiate an auction, in spite of other rules saying
it's not an auction" or something) so it tries to use the definition of
auction in a contradictory way, and the lower-numbered rule has precedence.

Therefore, the Stonemason is not actually authorized to initiate an
auction with the Hot Potato Stone as a lot, and no auction was initiated.