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===============================  CFJ 3926  ===============================

      The Tailor SHALL and CAN grant me coins as a consequence of my
      Blue Glitter award earlier in this message.


Caller:                        ais523

Judge:                         Murphy
Judgement:                     TRUE



Called by ais523:                                 01 Sep 2021 04:23:34
Assigned to nix:                                  01 Sep 2021 05:41:35
nix recused:                                      06 Sep 2021 13:15:18
Assigned to Gaelan:                               09 Sep 2021 01:26:59
Gaelan recused:                                   17 Sep 2021 02:51:13
Assigned to Murphy:                               17 Sep 2021 02:51:13
Judged TRUE by Murphy:                            19 Sep 2021 23:17:22


Caller's Evidence: 

On 2021-09-01 14:23, ais523 via agora-business wrote:
> I award myself Blue Glitter. (I judged CFJ 3925 recently, already have
> a Blue Ribbon, and have not tried to claim Blue Glitter since.)

Rule 2602/7 (Power=1)

       "Each type of Ribbon has a corresponding type of Glitter with the
       same name. A player qualifies for a type of Glitter when e
       qualifies for the same type of Ribbon while already owning such a
       Ribbon. If a player has not been awarded that type of Ribbon or e
       corresponding type of Glitter since e last earned or came to
       qualify for that type of Ribbon, and has not been so awarded five
       or more times within the past 24 hours, any player CAN award em
       that type of Glitter by announcement. When a player gains a type
       of Glitter, the Tailor SHALL in an officially timely fashion and
       CAN once by announcement award em N/2 boatloads of coins rounded
       up, where N is the number of players that did not own the
       corresponding type of Ribbon at the time of the award. The amount
       payable for each type of Glitter is tracked in the Tailor's
       weekly report.

Rule 2577/6 (Power=3), exerpt
Asset Actions

       For an entity to gain (historical syn. earn) an asset is for that
       asset to be created in that entity's possession. To grant an
       entity an asset is to create it in eir possession.

Caller's Arguments:

The version of Rule 2602 on the online FLR is a mess. In addition to an
unmatched double quote, it starts by defining the circumstances in
which a player "qualifies" for glitter, but then probably ignores them
(it may be that an oddly placed "that" is trying to point to this
definition). It then continues by saying that a player can be "awarded"
glitter if they haven't had glitter for a redundant earning of a
Ribbon. That's the action I took in the message where I called this

However, the Tailor's coin reward is based on "gaining" glitter. What
relationship does this have to being awarded it? The term "award" is
normally used for Ribbons and for Patent Titles, whereas "gain" is
typically used for assets; neither a Ribbon nor a Patent Title is an
asset. "Gain" is mentioned in the definition of the White Ribbon,
though. Rule 2577 mentions "gain" as a historical synonym for "earn",
which doesn't really help matters much (it may make the White Ribbon's
definition easier to understand, but maybe not); also, defining
something as a historical synonym doesn't necessarily imply that the
synonym exists now.

If being "awarded" glitter causes you to "gain" it, then is the glitter
itself some sort of tracked object? Perhaps an asset, or a Patent
Title? Or is this meant as some sort of hypothetical condition that
rules can look at (in which case there's no obvious reason to link
"gain" to "award"?).

It also seems possible that there's been a Rulekeepor error related to
the rule in question, and the online FLR doesn't match the actual
ruleset; I haven't looked into this.


Judge Murphy's Arguments:

As I wrote when I attempted to grant those coins: I believe that, as
Glitter is not an asset, it's reasonable to interpret "gaining" it as a
gloss for "being awarded" it. TRUE.