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===============================  CFJ 3924  ===============================

      Assuming G. announces no further focus plans, eir focus will flip
      to Legacy at the beginning of the next month.


Caller:                        G.

Judge:                         Cuddlebeam



Called by G.:                                     07 Aug 2021 01:06:03
Assigned to Cuddlebeam:                           09 Aug 2021 01:48:23


Caller's Evidence:

> I simultaneously plan to flip my focus to Legacy and plan to flip my focus
> to Compliance.

Caller's Arguments: 

Rule 478/39 reads in part:
                             Any action performed by sending a message is
        performed at the time date-stamped on that message. Actions in
        messages (including sub-messages) are performed in the order they
        appear in the message, unless otherwise specified.

The "unless otherwise specified" seems like a bit of a security hole,
given that several mechanisms in the rules would break if people could
perform multiple actions simultaneously.  But I can't find a prohibition
against that - the "in the order they appear" is written not as a limit,
but as a default that can be overridden - can it go so far to specify "at
exactly the same moment (simultaneous)"?

Rule 2638/0[extract]
       An active player CAN Plan to Flip eir own Ministry Focus,
       specifying any valid value for eir Ministry Focus, by
       announcement. At the beginning of a month, every active player's
       Ministry Focus is set to the value e mostly recently specified by
       Planning to Flip. If a player did not Plan to Flip eir Ministry
       Focus switch in the last month, it is not flipped.