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===============================  CFJ 3913  ===============================

      A player who possesses 3 Blots can have their Voting Strength on a
      particular decision go above 15 as a consequence of Buying


Caller:                        ais523

Judge:                         Jason



Called by ais523:                                 08 Jun 2021 14:42:00
Assigned to Jason:                                13 Jun 2021 14:56:38


[linked to CFJ 3914]

Caller's Evidence:

Rule 2422/9 (Power=3)
Voting Strength

      The voting strength of an entity on an Agoran decision is an
      integer between 0 and 15 inclusive, defined by rules of power 2
      or greater. If not otherwise specified, the voting strength of
      an entity on an Agoran decision is 3.
      When multiple rules set or modify an entity's voting strength on
      an Agoran decision, it shall be determined by first applying the
      rule(s) which set it to a specific value, using the ordinary
      precedence of rules, and then applying the rules, other than
      this one, which modify it, in numerical order by ID. Finally, if
      the result of the calculation is not an integer, it is rounded
      up, and then if it is outside the allowable range of values for
      voting strength, it is set to the minimum value if it was less
      and the maximum value if it was more.
      A player CAN Buy Strength by paying a fee of 1 Extra Vote. A
      player's Voting Strength on an ordinary referendum is 1 greater
      for every time e Bought Strength during that decision's voting

Rule 2556/1 (Power=3)
      The voting strength of a player on an Agoran decision is reduced
      by 1 for every 3 blots in eir possession.

Rule 2240/1 (Power=3)
No Cretans Need Apply

      In a conflict between clauses of the same Rule, if exactly one
      claims precedence over the other, then it takes precedence;
      otherwise, the later clause takes precedence.

Caller's Arguments:

Rule 2422 contains internal contradictions. The first paragraph
attempts to limit voting strengths to a particular range. The second
paragraph specifies how to apply multiple voting strength modifiers.
The third paragraph specifies how to Buy Strength.

Most notably, the second paragraph implies that if multiple rules
attempt to modify a player's Voting Strength (such as 2422 and 2556, in
the case of a player who has 3 Blots and has Bought Strength), the
modifications from rule 2422 are not applied at all (the conflict
resolution procedure applies modifications from "rules, other than this
one, which modify it", and does not specify any situation in which its
own modification applies.

The third paragraph, however, says that Buying Strength *does* modify a
player's voting strength. As far as I can tell, this introduces a
contradiction between the second and third paragraphs, resolved by Rule
2240. If the second paragraph is interpreted as having an implicit
precedence claim, it wins, and players with 3+ Blots cannot usefully
Buy Strength.

More interestingly, if it is interpreted as not containing a precedence
claim, then the third paragraph wins, allowing players with 3+ Blots to
Buy Strength despite the conflict resolution mechanism. In this case,
it seems as though the third paragraph would be able to override the
first paragraph, too, and allow players to increase their Voting
Strengths without bounds.