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===============================  CFJ 3866  ===============================

      More than one Contracoli Contract exists right now.


Caller:                        Cuddlebeam

Judge:                         Aris
Judgement:                     FALSE



Called by Cuddlebeam:                             08 Jul 2020 15:15:56
Assigned to Aris:                                 16 Jul 2020 21:19:10
Judged FALSE by Aris:                             27 Jul 2020 03:45:00


Caller's Evidence:

On 7/8/2020 8:15 AM, Cuddle Beam via agora-business wrote:
> I create the following contract called "Contracoli":
> ---
> Cuddlebeam is the sole member of this contract. After 1 minute has
> passed since this instance of this contract has been created, a copy of
> this contract (a new instance of it) is made. Cuddlebeam consents and
> agrees with themselves that these new contracts are made in this
> specific way.
> ---


Judge Aris's Arguments:

Please note that the adjudication of this case involves possible contact
with a purported novel species of contractual organism, which could be 
dangerous and requires expert knowledge to handle appropriately.

Accordingly, a biologist will act as judge.

Biologist's Arguments

The contract cited in the caller's evidence purports to reproduce once
every minute. This is contrary to the scientific understanding of the 
contractual life cycle, as I will explain.

Accordingly Rule 1742, a contract is formed when persons "publicly make
an agreement among themselves". These persons act essentially in lieu of
parents, and the public agreement is necessary for them to instill life
in the contract. Per Rule 478, "To do something 'publicly' is to do that
thing within a public message." In other words, a public message provides
a unique environment crucial for the contract to be born.

The purported creation of the duplicate contracts did not take place by
making an agreement in a public message: the consent to create them was
made public, but it could not take effect at the time the message was 
evaluated. Because the environment of a public message is crucial for the 
genesis of the contractual organism, it must be present concurrently with
the organism's birth. A public message, after all, is evaluated only once,
and does not continue taking effect thereafter. Accordingly, I rule FALSE.
Let this be a lesson to all that life is subtle and unique and that you
should increase the funding of the biology department accordingly.

Biologist's Evidence

Rule 1742/22 (Power=2.5)

  Any group of one or more consenting persons (the parties) may
  publicly make an agreement among themselves with the intention
  that it be binding upon them and be governed by the rules. Such
  an agreement is known as a contract. A contract may be modified,
  including by changing the set of parties, with the consent of all
  existing parties. A contract may also be terminated with the
  consent of all parties. A contract automatically terminates if the
  number of parties to it falls below one. It is IMPOSSIBLE for a
  person to become a party to a contract without eir consent.

  Parties to a contract governed by the rules SHALL act in
  accordance with that contract. This obligation is not impaired
  by contradiction between the contract and any other contract, or
  between the contract and the rules.

  Rules to the contrary notwithstanding, any change that would cause
  the full provisions or parties of a contract to become publicly
  unavailable is canceled and does not take effect.

  The portion of a contract's provisions that can be interpreted
  with reference only to information that is either publicly or
  generally available are known as its body; the remainder of the
  provisions are known as the annex.

  A party to a contract CAN perform any of the following actions as
  explicitly and unambiguously permitted by the contract's body:

  * Act on behalf of another party to the contract.

  * By announcement, revoke destructible assets from the contract.

  * By announcement, transfer liquid assets from the contract to a
    specified recipient.

Rule 478/38 (Power=3)

  Freedom of speech being essential for the healthy functioning of
  any non-Imperial nomic, it is hereby resolved that no Player shall
  be prohibited from participating in the Fora, nor shall any person
  create physical or technological obstacles that unduly favor some
  players' fora access over others.

  Publicity is a secured forum switch with values Public,
  Discussion, and Foreign (default), tracked by the Registrar.

  The Registrar may change the publicity of a forum without
  objection as long as:

  1. e sends eir announcement of intent to that forum; and

  2. if the forum is to be made public, the announcement by which
     the Registrar makes that forum public is sent to all existing
     public fora.

  Each player should ensure e can receive messages via each public

  A public message is a message sent via a public forum, or sent to
  all players and containing a clear designation of intent to be
  public. A rule can also designate that a part of one public
  message is considered a public message in its own right. To
  "publish" or "announce" something is to send a public message
  whose body contains that thing. To do something "publicly" is
  to do that thing within a public message.

  Where the rules define an action that a person CAN perform "by
  announcement", that person performs that action by unambiguously
  and clearly specifying the action and announcing that e performs
  it. Any action performed by sending a message is performed at the
  time date-stamped on that message. Actions in messages (including
  sub-messages) are performed in the order they appear in the
  message, unless otherwise specified.