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===============================  CFJ 3847  ===============================

      If an impure person Raises a Banner, eir Ribbon Ownership becomes
      the empty set but e does not win the game.


Caller:                        G.

Judge:                         ATMunn
Judgement:                     TRUE



Called by G.:                                     12 Jun 2020 18:44:26
Assigned to ATMunn:                               13 Jun 2020 18:48:46
Judged TRUE by ATMunn:                            14 Jun 2020 00:08:37


Caller's Arguments:

There's seemingly nothing stopping an impure person from Raising a Banner
if eir ribbon ownership allows, even though e's prevented from winning.
It's unclear whether the ribbon reset is a result of raising the banner on
its own, or whether failure to win prevents the reset.

Caller's Evidence:

From Rule 2438/18 (Power=3) Ribbons:
>      While a person owns all types of Ribbon, that person can Raise a
>      Banner by announcement. This causes that person to win the game.
>      That person's Ribbon Ownership becomes the empty set.

From Rule 2556/1 (Power=3) Penalties:
>      Rules to the contrary notwithstanding, an impure person CANNOT win
>      the game.


Judge ATMunn's Arguments:

Since the statement in rule 2438 stating that a person's Ribbon 
Ownership becomes the empty set upon Raising a Banner is not conditional 
upon the preceding statement that e wins the game, one can happen 
without the other. Therefore, e CANNOT win the game due to the "Rules to 
the contrary notwithstanding" clause in Rule 2556, but eir Ribbon 
Ownership is still reset.

As per the caller's arguments and mine, I find this CFJ TRUE.