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===============================  CFJ 3839  ===============================

      The game of Agora will never end.


Caller:                        Jason

Judge:                         nch
Judgement:                     DISMISS



Called by Jason:                                  03 Jun 2020 01:28:44
Assigned to nch:                                  07 Jun 2020 17:28:35
Judged DISMISS by nch:                            14 Jun 2020 01:05:04


Caller's Evidence:

> Rule 101/17 (Power=4)
> The Game of Agora
>       Agora is a game of Nomic, wherein Persons, acting in accordance
>       with the Rules, communicate their game Actions and/or results of
>       these actions via Fora in order to play the game. The game may be
>       won, but the game never ends.
>       Please treat Agora Right Good Forever.

Caller's Arguments:

This case asks the court to evaluate a statement about the future. While
this would normally easily get a DISMISS verdict (or similar), Rule 101
asserts that "the game never ends", which is statement that is
relatively close to the one of this case. This is especially significant
because Rule 101 is the Rule of the highest precedence - it is at the
highest possible power for a Rule and has the lowest number; any
statement in it is thus the Truth for the purposes of the game.

Of course, Rule 101 could be repealed, along with Rule 1698 (Agora Is A
Nomic). Doing this would permit the game to be ended by proposal. If we
were to assume that didn't happen, the inevitable heat death of the
universe is also coming for us, although even that might not end the
game, given the precedent in CFJ 3580.


Judge nch's Arguments:

If I were to rule based on objective reality, I would rule FALSE due to
entropy. However, I accept the general premise, best outlined by CFJ
3580, that the legal fiction of Agora can contradict facts outside of
the game. So the question becomes: In the legal fiction of Agora, can
we determine that the game will or will not ever end?

The statement in Rule 101, "the game never ends", is in present tense.
Contrast it with "the game will never end" (future tense), which would
clearly indicate a TRUE. Additionally the statement is in the habitual
aspect. Contrast this with "the game is not ending" (progressive
aspect), which would very clearly refer only to right now and not other

Habitual present tense does not, by itself, indicate a future state. For
instance, I could claim "nch never drinks coffee". This does not
prohibit me from drinking coffee in the future. The crucial difference
is that this is rule text. As long as it is rule text and not
contradicted by a higher power rule, it is true in the legal fiction of

So it is true that Agora cannot end as long as Rule 101 contains the
phrase "the game never ends" and this rule has the highest precedence,
and higher precedence rules over-rule lower ones in contradictions. But
again, the statement says nothing about the future, only about now and
all times that it is a rule. It is not legal fiction that Agora will
never end, but it is also not legal fiction that Agora will end.

Before delivering the final verdict, I'd like to make a note. If this
were to be TRUE, then Agora would be ossified. If it were true that
Agora cannot ever end in the future, then any rule change that would
cause that to happen would not be possible to accomplish under AIAN's

But this is not true. The future of Agora by definition contains all
possibilities, including Agora ending. Can it end now? No. Will it ever
end? Unknowable. On CFJ 3839, "The game of Agora will never end.", I