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===============================  CFJ 3794  ===============================

      G. earned 12 coins for earning a blue ribbon for CFJ 3792.


Caller:                        G.

Judge:                         Alexis



Called by G.:                                     19 Jan 2020 21:01:02
Assigned to Alexis:                               25 Jan 2020 19:45:59
Judged FALSE by Alexis:                           25 Jan 2020 20:05:20


Caller's Arguments:

I judged CFJ 3792 five days ago (earning a blue ribbon), and then I judged
CFJ 3790 today (earning another blue ribbon).

R2602 reads:
>      If a player has earned a ribbon in the past 7 days but already
>      owned it e CAN once (until e earns another ribbon), by
>      announcement, earn N+1 coins where N is the number of current
>      players that do not own the same ribbon.

The "once (until e earns another ribbon)" is there, I believe, such that a
person can't get multiple rewards for the same judgement.

However, it also reads (unintentionally?) as a limit.  If the 
is read like this: "CAN once (until e earns another ribbon)", then the
"until" effects the "CAN", not the "once" and prevents earnings from a
previous ribbon after a new ribbon is earned.  This seems like a more
natural reading to me (applying the limitation to the verb).

Caller's Evidence:

G. wrote:
> I earn 12 coins for earning a blue ribbon for CFJ 3790.
> I earn 12 coins for earning a blue ribbon for CFJ 3792.


Gratuitous Arguments by Falsifian (speaking as Treasuror):

I had been assuming it worked this way, for the reason you give (i.e. you 
didn't earn glitter for the CFJ 3792 blue ribbon).


Judge Alexis's Arguments:

I judge CFJ 3794 FALSE. Per my reasoning on CFJ 3783: Thus, I find that 
the the proper interpretation of Rule 2602 is that, when a player earns a
ribbon that e already owns, that player can gain income for that ribbon 
one time, but e must do so prior to earning any other ribbons, and within 
7 days."