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===============================  CFJ 3781  ===============================

      In this message, Jason Cobb transferred a Coin.


Caller:                        Jason Cobb
Barred:                        D. Margaux

Judge:                         G.



Called by Jason Cobb:                             07 Nov 2019 04:16:02
Assigned to G.:                                   08 Nov 2019 17:00:39


Caller's Evidence:

On 11/6/2019 8:16 PM, Jason Cobb wrote:
> I transfer 500 of D. Margaux's Coins to Jason Cobb.
> [Anti-No Faking (although the CFJ should make it obvious): the above 
> action might not work.]

Rule 478/36
Fora [Excerpt]

      Where the rules define an action that CAN be performed "by
      announcement", a person performs that action by unambiguously and
      clearly specifying the action and announcing that e performs it.

Rule 2577/2
Asset Actions [Excerpt]

      An asset generally CAN be transferred (syn. given) by announcement
      by its owner to another entity, subject to modification by its
      backing document.

Rule 2483/13

      Coins are the official currency of Agora and are tracked by the
      Treasuror. They can be owned by Agora, players, and contracts.
            A player CAN win the game by paying a fee of 1,000 Coins.

Caller's Arguments:

Per Rule 2577, "an asset generally CAN be transferred [...] by 
announcement by its owner", and Rule 2438 does not modify this general 
statement at all. Therefore, a Coin can be transferred by announcement by 
its owner.

Transferring D. Margaux's Coins is an action defined by the Rules that 
'CAN be performed "by announcement"' (even if the intent is only that it 
CAN be performed by announcement by a single person), satisfying the first 
criterion in Rule 478.

I believe that I have unambiguously and clearly specified the action of 
transferring 500 of D. Margaux's Coins, and I have announced that I 
perform that action. Therefore, under Rule 478, I have performed that 
action, so, in this message, I transferred at least one Coin.

I believe this CFJ should be judged TRUE.