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===============================  CFJ 3729  ===============================

      The Lost and Found department owns no more than 87 Coins.


Caller:                        Falsifian

Judge:                         D. Margaux
Judgement:                     TRUE



Called by Falsifian:                              24 May 2019 02:09:43
Assigned to D. Margaux:                           02 Jun 2019 22:17:07
Judged TRUE by D. Margaux:                        02 Jun 2019 22:50:49


Caller's Arguments:

I think the CFJ is TRUE. I'm calling it because the 2019-02-18
Treasuror weekly report implies otherwise:
> Lost & Found       + 30c.  2019-02-03 21:25  Deregistration of pokes
> pokes              - 30c.  2019-02-03 21:25  Deregistration
I can't figure out why that "+ 30c." would have happened.

R2576 says that the Lost and Found Department owns things that "would
otherwise lack an owner", but I don't think there was any point at
which {the 30 Coins formerly owned by nichdel} existed and lacked an
owner. Even if we imagine an instant of time between when nichdel
ceased to be a Player and when eir 30 Coins were destroyed by the
first paragraph of R2576, nothing in the Rules says that at that
instant nichdel could not own those Coins, so the Coins did not lack
an owner. After the 30 Coins were destroyed, those 30 Coins do not
exist, so there likewise aren't 30 Coins that lack an owner at that
time either.

Caller's Evidence:

From the Treasuror weekly report published 2019-05-09, which has
self-ratified by now:
>       87    Lost and Found Department

From R2576, "Ownership":
"If an asset's backing document restricts its ownership to a class of
entities, then that asset ... is destroyed if it is owned by an entity
outside that class."
"If an asset would otherwise lack an owner, it is owned by the Lost
and Found Department."

On Fri, 24 May 2019 at 01:39, Falsifian wrote:
> Having given notice, I hereby deregister nichdel. RIP.


Judge's Arguments:

TRUE. Under R2483, coins can be owned by Agora, players, and contracts.
Nichdel owned 30 coins. Nichdel was a player, and so could own coins,
but then became a non-player, and at that point could not. When e was
deregistered, the coins became owned by a non-player person, and where
therefore destroyed by R2576.  Nichdel did not cease to exist, so the
coins never lacked an owner and the Lost & Found never became the owner
of those coins.