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===============================  CFJ 3707  ===============================

      The Ruleset (as a contract) now has 1 coin.


Caller:                        CuddleBeam

Judge:                         G.
Judgement:                     DISMISS



Called by:                                        09 Feb 2019 18:37:20
Assigned to G.:                                   10 Feb 2019 18:39:07
Judged DISMISS by G.:                             11 Feb 2019 22:35:12


Caller's Arguments:

Note that Agora as a contract and Agora itself is, bizarrely, two separate
things. Contracts are the agreement itself, the agreement per se, not the
container or form which the agreement exists within such as the textual
rules. For example, in the case that the membership to the Agora-contract
isn't retroactive, it means some people will be bound to Agora as a
contract, and some people will not be, and it's the facet of Agora as a
contract to the which that I'd be making the transfer to.


Judge G.'s Arguments:

The message purporting to transfer a coin to set up this CFJ was:
 > I transfer 1 coin to the Ruleset (ie. Agora as a contract).

Regardless of whether Agora is a contract, transferring a coin to "Agora 
as a contract" would be simply transferring it to Agora (which has many 
coins already).  "The Ruleset" is a body of text, but it in itself is not 
any kind of agreement, and it is generally not capable of receiving coins.  
In specifying two possible destinations and conflating them into a single
entity, this attempted transfer is ambiguous as to the destination, and

Since, in the CFJ statement,  "Ruleset (ie. Agora as a contract)" is a
counterfactual that conflates two separate entities together (one with
coins, the other without coins), the statement is malformed.  DISMISS.