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===============================  CFJ 3693  ===============================

      The zombie auction for January 2019 has been terminated.


Caller:                        G.

Judge:                         None
Judgement:                     None



Called by G.:                                     10 Jan 2019 19:17:16
Withdrawn by G.:                                  11 Jan 2019 03:59:36


[Arbitor's Note:  This case was assigned a number, but in discussion was
realized to be trivially FALSE (see Gratuitous Arguments by D. Margaux) so
was withdrawn before it was assigned to a judge.  Left in the archives for
the record because it's the only case with this number].

Caller's Arguments:

Flipping the zombie master switch is Secured-2, as per the first sentence
of R2532. "Transferring" a zombie as the result of an auction is defined
in Rule 1885 (also power-2) as a flip of the master switch, however
there's nothing there that explicitly says that the Auctioneer CAN make
the transfer/flip (i.e. there's nothing that says that Agora CAN flip the
switchas the result of the auction). If the auctioneer CANNOT, then my
announcement above terminated the auction as per R2552.

Caller's Evidence:

On 1/10/2019 10:51 AM, D. Margaux wrote:

> I initiate a zombie auction, with the following lots (each zombie a
> separate lot) ordered as follows (highest-bid first):
> 1.  L
> 2.  nichdel
> 3.  Telnaior
> Agora is the Auctioneer, and the Registrar is the Announcer. The
> currency is Coins with a minimum bid of 1.


D. Margaux's Gratuitous Arguments:

Oh no!

Telnaior has a resale value of 0. As a result, I believe this attempt to
initiate an auction is invalid under any interpretation of the rules. In 
particular, under Rule 2549, "An Auction also CANNOT be initiated unless
the Auctioneer is able to give away each item in each of the Auction's
lots", and under Rule 2574 "A zombie with a resale value of 0 CANNOT have
eir master switch flipped to a player other than emself, rules to the
contrary notwithstanding."

As a result, I think it is trivially correct that the below was an
INEFFECTIVE attempt to start an auction.