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===============================  CFJ 3651  ===============================

      At least one Agoran regulation exists.


Caller:                        Aris

Judge:                         G.
Judgement:                     TRUE



Called by Aris:                                   06 Jul 2018 06:54:34
Assigned to G.:                                   08 Jul 2018 21:11:05
Judged TRUE by G.:                                16 Jul 2018 17:36:18


Caller's Arguments:

The birthday tournament should still work though. The dubious section
is "By doing so e promulgates those regulations as a special temporary
title of the ACORN. This title may thereafter be amended only by the
Herald or eir designee without objection, to correct minor typos."
There is no longer an ACORN, and we can't tell from textual context
what it would mean for there to be one, so it fails to work as
intended. The next sentence could behave in one of two ways. 1)
Sentence 1 has failed completely, so there's no such thing as a title.
Sentence 2 fails. 2) Sentence 1 succeeds in defining something called
a "title of the ACORN", and putting these proposals in it. Sentence 2


Judge's Arguments:

Rule 2495 (The Birthday Tournament) contains the following text:
      After adequate time for discussion of the Birthday Tournament's
      regulations, the Herald (or delegate) CAN initiate a sanctioned
      tournament with a specified, finalized set of regulations,
      Without 3 Objections. By doing so e promulgates those regulations
      as a special temporary title of the ACORN.

The Herald met these preconditions (time for discussion following a set
of proposed regulations, and w/o 3 objections for the final set of
regulations). However, following the passage of Proposal 8056, "special
temporary title of the ACORN" was no longer defined. 

CFJ 1500 set a long-standing precedent that, when a rules-definition is
repealed, any instances of that word still in the ruleset revert to
their common definition.  In the case of CFJ 1500, the term "politician"
was defined as a specific game-role.  When the definition was repealed,
but a use of the term was left in the ruleset, it reverted to the common
definition of "anyone who plays the game politically (runs for offices,
votes, etc.) is a politician".  Furthermore, CFJ 3580 found that even in
obscure, hypothetical situations (like "destroy the universe") we use
common definitions.

However, "special temporary title of the ACORN", if given this standard,
produces nonsense - (the temporary title of an oak tree seed?).  But -
the capitalization is clearly significant in ACORN, and the use of the
definite article ('the ACORN') tells us this is a proper noun - a named
thing.  And named things are governed by a different set of precedents.
In particular, CFJs 1519-1520 found that named things generally keep
being "that thing" even when the definition is lost, unless later
explicitly overridden.  And that "thing" is a document containing
regulations, both before the repeal, and implicitly in the current
rules: if you assume "title of the ACORN" is a document or part of one,
the rules text makes perfect sense.

Before repeal, ACORN was a particular document. In the context in the
current Rules, "title of the ACORN" refers to a part of a document.  We
don't really have to delve into whether we're talking about the "old"
ACORN or whether the tournament created an entirely new document called
"special temporary title of the ACORN". What matters is that there is a
document or part of a document, that contains the regulations (they
exist), and the regulations can be amended as per R2495.

I find CFJ 3650 TRUE and CFJ 3651 TRUE.