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===============================  CFJ 3640  ===============================

      FAILED QUORUM was awarded a Medal of Honor.


Caller:                        Aris

Judge:                         V.J. Rada
Judgement:                     FALSE



Called by Aris:                                   11 Jun 2018 05:56:24
Assigned to V.J. Rada:                            17 Jun 2018 18:44:37
Judged FALSE by V.J. Rada:                        17 Jun 2018 23:12:41


Caller's Evidence:

Corona wrote:
> Sure.
> I award FAILED QUORUM a Medal of Honour for May 2018. Wear it proudly,
> ~Corona

Gratuitous Arguments from G.:

However, by ais523's logic, from the previous Decision you're supposed
to award a Medal to FAILED QUORUM...?

Gratuitous Arguments from ais523:

Huh, some fun rulesey stuff going on here. As far as I can tell,
it's impossible to meaningfully vote on this, but it cannot fail quorum;
rather, at the end of the voting period (which the Herald SHALL end
early, and CAN do so by resolving it in the same message) it ends
with a null outcome. The outcome of the vote is then awarded a Medal of
Honour. Again as far as I can tell, there's nothing restricting
what sort of entity can own a Medal of Honour, so it looks like the
Medal owned by the null outcome is going to become a tracked part of the
Herald report.

Unfortunately, the rules don't allow for the null outcome to get a
win if this happens six times, but I think we should give it an honorary
win by proposal if the situation ever comes up.


Judge's Arguments:

This is a judgement of CFJ 3640, the statement of which is "FAILED
QUORUM was awarded a Medal of Honor". In May 2018, an Agoran Decision
validly began to select either Aris or ATMunn as receiving a Medal of
Honor. The Decision did not reach quorum.

The language used in the Medal of Honor rule says that the outcome of
the Agoran Decision will be awarded a Medal of Honor. The outcome of
that Decision was unambiguously FAILED QUORUM. Therefore, the rule
unambiguously required a medal to be awarded to FAILED QUORUM.

However that's not the end of things. Medals of Honor are assets, in
fact currencies, which have restricted ownership. The rule Assets
operates at a higher power than Medals of Honor and bans assets being
owned by anything other than players, contracts and Agora. Therefore,
the Herald COULD NOT award a medal of honour here. However, the Herald
was _still_ obligated by the SHALL to do so. This is a rare example of
a SHALL and a CAN in contradiction.

FAILED QUORUM has no Medal of Honour, this CFJ is FALSE.