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===============================  CFJ 3578  ===============================

      The ADOP SHALL NOT distribute Campaign Proposals for ongoing


Caller:                        Ørjan

Judge:                         Aris
Judgement:                     FALSE



Called by Ørjan:                                 16 Oct 2017 04:21:20
Assigned to Aris:                                 21 Oct 2017 23:57:40
Judged FALSE by Aris:                             22 Oct 2017 22:06:05


Caller's Arguments:

My argument for the first one [CFJ 3577] is that proposal 7912 contains an 
obvious typo:

> Enact a new rule entitled (Campaign Proposals, with power 3), reading as
> follows:

My argument for the second one [CFJ 3578] (which I thought of first) 
applies only if the first one is FALSE.

In that case, the new rule entitled "Campaign Proposals" and having power 
) states (possibly due to a missing "except"):

>  A Campaign Proposal is an Official Proposal exempt from automatic
>  distribution, and SHALL NOT be distributed as required by the rules.
>  The election with which a Campaign Proposal is associated, as well as 
>  its Commitment, are essential parameters for an Agoran decision to
>  adopt a Campaign Proposal.

That's a pretty strong prohibition, which seems to have no exemption for
elections. Rule 2154 states the opposite, of course:

>  When an election is initiated, it enters the nomination period,
>  which lasts for 7 days. In a timely fashion after the nomination
>  period ends, the ADoP CAN and SHALL, in the same message:
>      1) If the election is contested, initiate an Agoran decision
>         to select the winner of the election (the poll). For this
>         decision, the Vote Collector is the Assessor, the valid
>         options are the candidates for that election (including
>         those who become candidates after its initiation), and the
>         voting method is instant runoff.
>      2) Distribute all pending Campaign Proposals associated
>         with the election.
>      3) If POSSIBLE per the following paragraph, end the election
>         immediately.

However, Rule 2154 only has power 2.


Judge Aris' Arguments:

CFJ 3577 determined that the rule for campaign proposals only has power 
1.0. Rule 2154, at power 2.0, states that a player SHALL under 
circumstances do something inadvertently proscribed by the campaign 
proposals rule. Because it has been determined by precedent that a SHALL 
at a higher power countermands a SHALL NOT at a lower power, Rule 2154 
controls, and the ADoP not only SHALL distribute campaign proposals, but 
MAY do so. FALSE.