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===============================  CFJ 3577  ===============================

      There exists a Rule entitled "Campaign Proposals, with power 3",
      with power 1.


Caller:                        Ørjan

Judge:                         Aris
Judgement:                     TRUE



Called by Ørjan:                                 16 Oct 2017 04:21:20
Assigned to Aris:                                 21 Oct 2017 23:57:40
Judged TRUE by Aris:                              22 Oct 2017 22:06:05


Caller's Arguments:

My argument for the first one [CFJ 3577] is that proposal 7912 contains an 
obvious typo:

> Enact a new rule entitled (Campaign Proposals, with power 3), reading as
> follows:

My argument for the second one [CFJ 3578] (which I thought of first) 
applies only if the first one is FALSE.

In that case, the new rule entitled "Campaign Proposals" and having power 
) states (possibly due to a missing "except"):

>  A Campaign Proposal is an Official Proposal exempt from automatic
>  distribution, and SHALL NOT be distributed as required by the rules.
>  The election with which a Campaign Proposal is associated, as well as 
>  its Commitment, are essential parameters for an Agoran decision to
>  adopt a Campaign Proposal.

That's a pretty strong prohibition, which seems to have no exemption for
elections. Rule 2154 states the opposite, of course:

>  When an election is initiated, it enters the nomination period,
>  which lasts for 7 days. In a timely fashion after the nomination
>  period ends, the ADoP CAN and SHALL, in the same message:
>      1) If the election is contested, initiate an Agoran decision
>         to select the winner of the election (the poll). For this
>         decision, the Vote Collector is the Assessor, the valid
>         options are the candidates for that election (including
>         those who become candidates after its initiation), and the
>         voting method is instant runoff.
>      2) Distribute all pending Campaign Proposals associated
>         with the election.
>      3) If POSSIBLE per the following paragraph, end the election
>         immediately.

However, Rule 2154 only has power 2.


Judge Aris' Arguments:

Per the caller's arguments, there was indeed a typo in proposal 7912.
However obvious it was, the proposal was quite clear that "Campaign 
Proposals, with power 3" is the name of the enacted rule. This is so clear 
because the parentheses around that name, coming after the word 
"entitled", mark the phrase as being a title. Per Rule 105 (1), the power 
of the rule defaults to 1.0, so this CFJ is TRUE.