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==============================  CFJ 3560  ==============================

      Cuddlebeam has earned a Platinum Ribbon.


Caller:                       Cuddlebeam

Judge:                        Quazie
Judgement:                    FALSE



Called by Cuddlebeam:         27 Jun 2017          
Assigned to Quazie:           27 Jun 2017
Judged FALSE by Quazie:       06 Sep 2017 


Gratuitous Arguments by ais523:

See also discussion in this thread:


Judge's Arguments:

1 - It's a bummer that the may isn't capitalized in R2160, though on
further examination that wouldn't help much.

2 - Regardless, the interpretation that 'may' means 'does without
indicating it does' is pretty bunk - R991 notes that a CFJ caller may
bar someone from judging, but that doesn't mean that someone is barred
without them indicating as such.

3 - R2160 states:

      A rule which purports to allow a person (a deputy) to perform an
      action via normal deputisation or special deputisation for an
      office thereby allows them to perform the action as if e held
      the office, as long as

        1. it would be POSSIBLE for the deputy to perform the action,
           other than by deputisation, if e held the office, and

        2. the deputy, when performing the action, announces that e
           is doing so by the appropriate form of deputisation.

      Only this rule may allow normal deputisation. Any rule may allow
      special deputisation.

Platinum Ribbons are defined as:
Platinum (P): The Speaker qualifies for a Platinum Ribbon.

So if somehow 2 was valid - if there was a way to just special deputize
for any office for any thing, then we are closer to making things work.

But e never was the speaker, so e never qualifies for the Platinum
Ribbon. The awarding of a qualified ribbon is the action e is attempting
to perform, but that action is generally allowed without deputization.
Deputizing doesn't make you hold the office, and qualifying isn't an
action that someone performs - if e tried to object to something via
special deputizing for the speaker, and attempted to note that Agora
isn't satisfied with the intent for 48 hours, he'd be closer to right
(But that's only if e somehow had the power to special deputize, which
i've noted above and below I don't think e has)

BUT, even if the flippant usage of may in 2 was true "Any rule allows
special deputization" - it doesn't allow for special deputization for an
office. I believe that because no office is indicated in the
`any` rule, that no deputization can be performed.

So in conclusion:
1 - The may should be interpreted as 'Rules are allowed to allow people
to specially deputize, but they have to define what a player is allowed
to specially deputize for'
2 - Special deputization doesn't allow you to perform the action of
qualifying, so even if a player could specially deputize willy nilly,
they couldn't award emself a platinum ribbon for special deputizing for
the speaker
3 - In order to specially deputize, the rules must indicate which office
you get to specially deputize for, or they doesn't actually allow for
special deputization.

I judge this CFJ False - Cuddlebeam hasn't earned a Platinum Ribbon.