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==============================  CFJ 3550  ==============================

      Nichdel has 1 Stamp (nichdel) and 9 Shinies.


Caller:                       o        

Judge:                        Quazie


Called by o:                  01 Aug 2017  
Assigned to Quazie:           01 Aug 2017       


Caller's Arguments:

First, my apologies to whichever poor sap gets to judge this, because
you get to do some forensic accounting. I keep fairly complete
records, so feel more than free to request further evidence.

The core of this CFJ is a transaction nichdel performed immediately
prior to the passage of proposal 7867:

On Jul 29, 2017, at 7:12 PM, Nic Evans  wrote:

> I transfer 7 shinies to ASaAA.

(Re: BUS: Transfer)

However, according to my records, at this time nichdel had a balance
of 2 Shinies. Per rule 2483 (“Economics”) in effect at that time:

> Any player CAN pay Agora, any other player, or any organization any
> amount by announcement, unless it would make eir own balance
> negative. Any attempt to PAY any amount that would make any
> player's or any organization's balance negative is INEFFECTIVE,
> rules to the contrary notwithstanding.

Paying 7 Shinies with a balance of 2 Shinies would make nichdel’s
balance -5 Shinies, and therefore the payment is ineffective.

No other payments have ever been made to ASaAA, so its balance was,
and remained, zero.

Subsequently, proposal 7867 passed, which zeroed all players’
balances, and reset Agora’s balance to 1,000 Shinies. (Organization
balances were not affected, a fact which appears to have been
intentional in hindsight.)

Afterwards, after some minor paperwork cleanup, nichdel performed the
following trivially-successful transactions, quoted above:

* Received 50 shinies from Agora via a Welcome Package (nichdel: 50
* Paid 40 shinies to Agora to create 1 stamp in eir own possession
(nichdel: 10 sh, 1 stamp)
* Paid 1 shiny to ASaAA (nichdel: 9 sh, 1 stamp; ASaAA: 1 sh)

Finally, e attempted to have ASaAA pay em 8 shinies in exchange for a
stamp. E noted this as a single transaction. Since ASaAA does not
have 8 Shinies, by rule 2483:

> Any organization CAN pay Agora, any player, or any other
> organization by announcement by a member of said organization, as
> specified in the charter of said organization, unless it would make
> the organization's balance negative. Any attempt by any player to
> cause an organization to pay any amount that would make that
> organization's balance negative is INEFFECTIVE, rules to the
> contrary notwithstanding.

This payment cannot succeed, and therefore neither can the
transaction it is part of.