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==============================  CFJ 3542  ==============================

      All Players except Cuddlebeam now have enough Trust Tokens to win
      the game.


Caller:                       CuddleBeam           

Judge:                        Quazie
Judgement:                    FALSE



Called by CuddleBeam:         20 Jul 2017                    
Assigned to Quazie:           21 Jul 2017       
Judged FALSE by Quazie:       25 Aug 2017     


Caller's Arguments:

This isn't consequential to other actions/offices, it's just related to
Trust Tokens which people have been hardly using lately anyway.  Here, I
attempt to grant Trust Tokens via that "a Trust Token" means any kind of
Trust Token, much how "a banana" can be a rotten banana, my banana, your
banana, a ripe banana, etc.

Note that this treads into fairly abstract territory due to how open "a X"
can be via the banana reasoning.


Note R2452: "Any player can issue a Trust Token to another person by

Be a TrustToken[A, B] a Trust Token such that player A would issue to
player B if A posted a message of "I grant a Trust Token to B", where B is
Player B's name, to a-b;

Once, for each player except Murphy, I issue a Trust Token[A, B] to Murphy,
where A is that player and B is Murphy, to Murphy.

Then, I do the same, again, but for the beneficiary to be another player
instead of Murphy (for example, "Once, for each player except Ais523, I
issue a Trust Token[A, B] to Ais523, where A is that player and B
is Ais523, to Ais523."), until I have done the sequence for all Players
(except myself, because I can't issue myself Trust Tokens).


Judge's Arguments:

[delivered on behalf of Quazie by G.]

If I issue you a trust token, you have been issued a trust token by me,
even if I claim it was issued by someone else (excepting situations like
Agencies, for which there is no evidence in this case).  This is
straightforward language use.  FALSE.