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==============================  CFJ 3530  ==============================

      The Japanese message filed by 天火狐 on 27 June deputized him as
      the Reportor.


Caller:                       V.J. Rada

Judge:                        o
Judgement:                    FALSE                   



Called by V.J. Rada:          27 Jun 2017         
Assigned to o:                28 Jun 2017  
Judged FALSE by o:            07 Jul 2017


Gratuitous Arguments by ais523:

The CFJ statement is probably intended to refer to this message:

On Tue, 27 Jun 2017 10:51:12 -0700, Josh T wrote: 
> There is like no good quiet time where I am free to do this, so here it is.
> 在職の福德公が怠慢なので、私は以下の記事を公表して、福德公*の*紳士を獲得されます。
> 公報時間:水無月朔日子の四つ
> 蘭亭社のア宝や地所:なし
> 以上
> 天火狐


Judge's Arguments:

The message in question, reproduced in full:




As I do not speak Japanese, I have relied on mechanical translation. The
first attempt (via Google Translate) produced

      As Fukudokko at work is negligent, I will publish the following 
      articles and win the gentleman of Fukuoka *.

      Bulletin time: Four of Mizukazuki Sakoko

      A treasure and the locality of Orchidori company: None

      that's all

      The sky fox

This is, politely, an incomprehensible mess. Certainly, the structure of
the first paragraph is suggestive of an attempt to deputize, but to
interpret "Fukudokko" as "Reportor" or "win the gentleman of Fukuoka" as
"deputize as the Reportor" would be a stretch, unsupported by either
rule or game convention.

The second attempt (via Systran) is worse:

      Because luck of holdingoffice 德 public isnegligent, I publishing 
      the article below, luck 德public & * am acquired the gentleman.
      Communique time: a treasure and land of fourorchid cottage
      corporations of water non monthnew moon day child: It is not the 
      or more oven fox

Aside from the obviously-poor translation, this also destroyed the 
paragraph breaks.

Under the precedent set in CFJ 1460, Agorans need not regard, nor act 
upon, a message written in a language they do not understand. Even with
mechanical aid, few Agorans understand Japanese. I find that 天火狐 has 
failed to communicate, and thus failed to actually take the action e
intended to communicate, rather than that any other Agoran has failed
to understand a valid and properly-communicated action.

Furthermore, there is evidence that 天火狐 never intended to deputize
for any office, let alone the Reportor. From eir own email, dated 29 June:

      I have reason to believe that even if the message was written 
      conventionally this would not be a deputisation.

It would be absurd to conclude that e had deputized for an office in 
spite of eir own intentions. Even if CFJ 1460 were not compelling, this
would be a strong argument that it would be harmful to Agora to treat 
天火狐’s message as a deputization.