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==============================  CFJ 3529  ==============================

      omd "most recently became a player" on the 3rd of February, 2011. 


Caller:                       Publius Scribonius Scholasticus

Judge:                        Sprocklem

Judge:                        G.
Judgement:                    TRUE



Called by Publius Scribonius Scholasticus:   20 Jun 2017                  
Assigned to Sprocklem:                       21 Jun 2017
Sprocklem Recused:                           14 Sep 2017
Assigned to G.:                              14 Sep 2017
Judged TRUE by G.:                           15 Sep 2017

Caller's Arguments:

While rule 869, allowed old to register as a player on June 20, 2017, he
was already a player and therefore his registration did not cause him to
become a player for the tracking purposes of Rule 2139, therefore I
recommend the Judgement of TRUE.


Caller's Evidence:

(Also relevant, the gratuitous arguments by grok to agora-discussion:

Rule 869/39 (Power=3)
How to Join and Leave Agora

      Any organism that is generally capable of freely originating and
      communicating independent thoughts and ideas is a person.  Rules
      to the contrary notwithstanding, no other entities are persons.

      Citizenship is a person switch with values Unregistered
      (default) and Registered, tracked by the Registrar.  Changes to
      citizenship are secured.  A registered person is a Player.

      A person CAN (unless explicitly forbidden or prevented by the
      rules) register by publishing a message that indicates
      reasonably clearly and reasonably unambiguously that e intends
      to become a player at that time.  A person, by registering,
      agrees to abide by the Rules.  The Rules CANNOT otherwise bind a
      person to abide by any agreement without that person's willful

      A player CAN deregister (cease being a player) by announcement.
      If e does so, e CANNOT register by announcement for 30 days.

      If a player has not sent a message to a public forum in the last
      month, then any player CAN deregister em without objection.

      The Rules CANNOT compel non-players to act, nor compel players
      to unduly harass non-players.  A non-person CANNOT be a player,
      rules to the contrary notwithstanding.


Rule 2139/9 (Power=2)
The Registrar

      The Registrar is an office; its holder is responsible for
      keeping track of players.

      The Registrar's weekly report includes:

      1. A list of all players, including information sufficient to
         identify and contact each player.

      2. The date on which each player most recently became a player.

      3. For each forum with non-Foreign publicity, sufficient
         instructions for players to receive messages there.

      The Registrar's monthly report includes:

      1. For each former player for which the information is
         reasonably available, the dates on which e registered and

      In the first week of every month the Registrar SHALL attempt to
      deregister every player that has not sent a message to a public
      forum in the preceding month.

      The Registrar's duties and abilities also include:

      * Changing the publicity of a forum, as described in Rule 478.

      * Publishing Cantus Cygnei and Writs of FAGE as described in
        Rule 1789.

      The Registrar is also responsible for tracking any switches that
      would otherwise lack an officer to track them, unless the switch
      is defined as untracked.


Judge's Arguments:

I'm taking it as self-evident that the verb "to register" and "to
deregister" are generally synonymous with "flipping the Citizenship
switch to the indicated value (Registered or Unregistered)."  This is
implicit from context in R869, but not explicitly defined (there are
alternate interpretations, but they don't hold up under scrutiny; I can
add an aside if challenged).

So the question is, does the verb "to register" in Rule 869 mean
"flipping the Citizenship switch from Unregistered to Registered", or
does it include "setting the Citizenship switch to Registered, even if
it's already set to Registered"?

Or in general, if you purport to flip a switch to X by announcement, and
it's already in X, have you "flipped the switch" for legal purposes
(assuming you CAN switch it to X if it was not X, of course).

Rule 2162/2 reads:  "To flip an instance of a switch" is to make it come
to have a given value. "To become X" (where X is a possible value of
exactly one of the subject's switches) is to flip that switch to X."

Rule 2162 is explicit, and if a person tries to flip a switch to X, when
it was already at X, that person can't be said to have "made the switch
to come to have that value."  You can't become something you already
are.  This is consistent with common usage:  if I touch a light switch
that's already on, and someone asks "did you turn on that light?", the
correct answer would be no.

For other practical game effects, if you tried to pay a fee to flip a
Proposal to pending, and it was already pending, you'd probably not want
to lose the money, and the general consensus is that the whole
transaction fails (note, this has not been fully adjudicated, this is a
consensus from discussion).

For registration in particular, since registration is only implicitly
defined, we can look at the common definition:  "to enter or cause to be
entered formally in a register." or "to enroll (a student, voter, etc.)
in a school or course of study, on the voting rolls, etc."  Since we
subscribe to the "one person = one player" (i.e. no avatars) theory, if
you tried to register twice, it would be pointed out that your name is
already in the registrar's report as enrolled, and you would have done

There is one issue with the "you must change a switch to have flipped
it" interpretation.  There are instances in the Rules that an Officer is
required to flip a switch to a certain value.  If the switch already has
that value, and "flipping it to the same value" doesn't count as
flipping it, then the Officer CANNOT perform eir duty.  In fact, if the
switch later comes to have a different value, someone could deputize for
the old duty to set it back. This is an unfortunate consequence.

However, a look at the rules says this is a minor problem (compared e.g.
to forcing people to lose currency for no-op transactions), and easily
fixed with a specific text addition to the rules such as "if a person is
REQUIRED to flip a switch to a certain value, and it is already at that
value, then attempting to flip it to that value, or announcing that is
it at that value, fulfills the duty."  There are no switches so urgent
that things will break in the mean time.

So in balance, the "no change" = "no flip" is textually correct, and
also, on balance, in the better interests of the game.

So, to sum up.  R869 says "A person CAN (unless explicitly forbidden or
prevented by the rules) register".   If a person is already registered,
the Switches rule generally prevents em from doing so again.

For this CFJ, the recent attempt of omd to register failed, and eir
registration date is the 3rd of February, 2011.  I find TRUE.