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==============================  CFJ 3529  ==============================

      omd "most recently became a player" on the 3rd of February, 2011. 


Caller:                       Publius Scribonius Scholasticus

Judge:                        Sprocklem

Judge:                        Quazie




Called by Publius Scribonius Scholasticus:   20 Jun 2017                  
Assigned to Sprocklem:                       21 Jun 2017

Caller's Arguments:

While rule 869, allowed old to register as a player on June 20, 2017, he
was already a player and therefore his registration did not cause him to
become a player for the tracking purposes of Rule 2139, therefore I
recommend the Judgement of TRUE.


Caller's Evidence:

(Also relevant, the gratuitous arguments by grok to agora-discussion:

Rule 869/39 (Power=3)
How to Join and Leave Agora

      Any organism that is generally capable of freely originating and
      communicating independent thoughts and ideas is a person.  Rules
      to the contrary notwithstanding, no other entities are persons.

      Citizenship is a person switch with values Unregistered
      (default) and Registered, tracked by the Registrar.  Changes to
      citizenship are secured.  A registered person is a Player.

      A person CAN (unless explicitly forbidden or prevented by the
      rules) register by publishing a message that indicates
      reasonably clearly and reasonably unambiguously that e intends
      to become a player at that time.  A person, by registering,
      agrees to abide by the Rules.  The Rules CANNOT otherwise bind a
      person to abide by any agreement without that person's willful

      A player CAN deregister (cease being a player) by announcement.
      If e does so, e CANNOT register by announcement for 30 days.

      If a player has not sent a message to a public forum in the last
      month, then any player CAN deregister em without objection.

      The Rules CANNOT compel non-players to act, nor compel players
      to unduly harass non-players.  A non-person CANNOT be a player,
      rules to the contrary notwithstanding.


Rule 2139/9 (Power=2)
The Registrar

      The Registrar is an office; its holder is responsible for
      keeping track of players.

      The Registrar's weekly report includes:

      1. A list of all players, including information sufficient to
         identify and contact each player.

      2. The date on which each player most recently became a player.

      3. For each forum with non-Foreign publicity, sufficient
         instructions for players to receive messages there.

      The Registrar's monthly report includes:

      1. For each former player for which the information is
         reasonably available, the dates on which e registered and

      In the first week of every month the Registrar SHALL attempt to
      deregister every player that has not sent a message to a public
      forum in the preceding month.

      The Registrar's duties and abilities also include:

      * Changing the publicity of a forum, as described in Rule 478.

      * Publishing Cantus Cygnei and Writs of FAGE as described in
        Rule 1789.

      The Registrar is also responsible for tracking any switches that
      would otherwise lack an officer to track them, unless the switch
      is defined as untracked.