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==============================  CFJ 3520  ==============================

         Quazie is the author of the proposal "Throw off Your Chains".


Caller:                       G.

Judge:                        Gaelan

Judge:                        Publius Scribonius Scholasticus
Judgement:                    TRUE



Called by G.:                                   05 Jun 2017
Assigned to Gaelan:                             06 Jun 2017
Gaelan Recused:                                 28 Jun 2017
Assigned to Publius Scribonius Scholasticus:    28 Jun 2017
Judged TRUE by Publius Scribonius Scholasticus: 28 Jun 2017


Caller's Arguments:

I state for the record that Quazie had no knowledge of this proposal
before it was sent to the public forum.  The proposal was written by G.,
and submitted on behalf of Quazie via the BÖÖ Agency.

Rule 2350 reads in part:
      A player CAN create a proposal by announcement...
this is clearly Quazie.

But it also reads:
      The author (syn. proposer) of a proposal is the person who 
      submitted it.
"Submit" is not directly defined, and could be the publisher of the
message.  In this case, the sender and writer of the proposal is G.
Which one is the "person who submitted it"?

Gratuitous addition:

If H. Judge Gaelan could also opine on if one party (Quazie or I)
is a "coauthor" (as that term is wholly undefined in the Rules from
what I can see), that would be much appreciated.


Caller's Evidence:
(message sent by G.)

I use the BÖÖ Agency to submit the following proposal, "Throw off Your
Chains", AI-3, specifying that it is a Competition Proposal for the
current proposal competition:
   The perpetuation of dictatorship is not treating Agora Right Good

   The existence of dictatorship is an anathema, and the presence of
   a current dictatorship in the Rules is a Mess of our own making;

   The persons in power have not made a visible effort to clean up 
   said mess, in perhaps hoping that the hoi agorai will remain 
   docile, or apathetic;

   such docility, in the long-term, is fully AGAINST OUR NATURE;

   That Rule 2942 (Reward and Delay) is hereby REPEALED.


Gratuitous Arguments by Aris:

Coauthor is not undefined. Rule 2350:

"A proposal is a type of entity consisting of a body of text and other
attributes. A player CAN create a proposal by announcement, specifying
its text and optionally specifying any of the following attributes:

An associated title.
A list of co-authors (which must be persons other than the author).
An adoption index."


Judge Publius Scribonius Scholasticus's Arguments:

I find CFJ 3520 TRUE as the proposal was submitted by G., while he was
acting as Cuddlebeam. I find that for instances such as this acting as a
person is equivalent to being that person. Given that no persons other
than Cuddlebeam were included, I find that no coauthors exist for this