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==============================  CFJ 3512  ==============================

      I paid Gaelan 1 Shiney via QPS.


Caller:                       Quazie

Judge:                        Sprocklem
Judgement:                    FALSE



Called by Quazie:             24 May 2017
Assigned to Sprocklem:        24 May 2017
Judged FALSE by Sprocklem:    08 Jun 2017


Caller's Arguments:

1 - QPS isn't a valid agency, as it contains 4 non-conjunction words.
(Will is a verb, not a conjunction)
2 - Agencies allow people to be acted on behalf of, not acted as
(though I'm unsure if there's a valid distinction there)


Caller's Evidence:

QPS's Supposed Text:
  Quazie will Pay the Shinies (QPS)
  Head: Quazie
  Agents: All Players
    If Quazie makes a pledge in which e pledges 1 Shiny in return for
    an action or statement, the first player to fulfil the action/
    statement in the pledge can transfer a Shiny from Quazie to emself.

Agencies Rule text (in part):
  Rule 2467/1 (Power=1)

        An Agency is a document empowering persons to act on behalf of
        another player. A player may establish an Agency With 24 hours
        Notice and thereby become its Director by specifying the
        properties of the new Agency:
              a) A title, which must be exactly three words, not
                 counting conjunctions, articles or prepositions.
Text of the pledge in question:
  I pledge to pay Gaelan 1 shiny in thanks for not creating ~25^3 if
  he uses the powers within the QPS agency to pay emself said shiny.

Text of the supposed payment of a shiny
  On Sat, May 20, 2017 at 20:25 Gaelan Steele  wrote:
  I act as Quazie via QPS to pay myself one shiny.


Judge's Arguments:

To start, Quazie is correct about the validity of QPS. A verb (even an
auxiliary verb) is not any of "conjunctions, articles or prepositions"
that are excluded from the 3 word limit on agencies.

As to the second point -- about acting as vs. on behalf of -- they seem
subtly different meanings, but I don't think it would affect if Gaelan 
got paid.

I judge CFJ 3512 FALSE.