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==============================  CFJ 3511  ==============================

      Posting a message on a public forum is itself an action, for the
      purposes of rule 2467.


Caller:                       o

Judge:                        Gaelan
Judgement:                    TRUE



Called by o:                  24 May 2017
Assigned to Gaelan:           24 May 2017
Judged TRUE by Gaelan:        24 May 2017


Caller's Evidence:

Rule 2467/1 (Agencies)

An Agency is a document empowering persons to act on behalf of
another player. A player may establish an Agency With 24 hours
Notice and thereby become its Director by specifying the properties
of the new Agency:

1. A title, which must be exactly three words, not counting
conjunctions, articles or prepositions.
2. A non-empty list of persons other than the Head (the Agents).
3. A description of a set of actions (the Powers).

An Agency's Head may amend its properties or revoke it with 24
hours Notice. For greater certainty, an announced intent to create
an Agency or amend an Agency's powers is INEFFECTIVE unless it
explicitly specifies the new values of the properties being created
or amended.

The Powers of an Agency must be stated as actions, although they
may may be conditional on date, time, game state, or other
preconditions. If condition(s) are specified as necessary for a
power to be used, it is limited; otherwise, it is unlimited. If it
attempts to specify a power in a manner that is unclear, ambiguous,
circular, inconsistent, paradoxical, or that depends on information
that is impossible or unreasonably difficult to determine, then the
specification of that power is invalid, and it CANNOT be used.

An Agency, once created, SHOULD be referred to by the acronym
formed from its title with conjunctions, articles, and prepositions
removed. The acronym of an agency must be unique and any attempt to
create or amend an Agency such that two Agencies would have the
same acronym is INEFFECTIVE.

The Agents of an Agency may perform the Actions described in the
Powers of the Agency on behalf of the Agency's Head.


Judge's Arguments:

I judge as TRUE. Nowhere in 2467 (or anywhere else in the ruleset) is 
"action" defined, so we fall back to the common English definition;
posting to the public forum is plainly an action by the common