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==============================  CFJ 3506  ==============================

      In Rule 2467/1, there exists text content which is "(...) or that
      depends on information that is impossible or unreasonably 
      difficult to determine(...)". Whether if such a task of
      information determination is "unreasonably difficult" or not lies
      in what the person who would be beared with such a task considers
      it to be.


Caller:                       CuddleBeam

Judge:                        Sprocklem
Judgement:                    DISMISS



Called by CuddleBeam:         21 May 2017
Assigned to Sprocklem:        21 May 2017
Judged DISMISS by Sprocklem:  08 Jun 2017


Caller's Arguments:

* An example of what a task of information-determination could be is
determining what three hundred divided by nine is.

* Newborn children are persons and eligible to become players of
Agora, and therefore Agency creators and users, however for them,
determining what three hundred divided by nine would be could be for
them "unreasonably difficult". However, for several adults, it would
be pretty simple.

* Such a situation illustrated above is relativistic in nature,
relying on the person who would perform the information-determining
task. Therefore I believe that the determination of what is
"unreasonably difficult", in the context of the rule referenced in the
statement, is necessarily relativistic too.

* This issue is relevant to gameplay because Agency-creation is part
of the game.


Gratuitous Arguments by Murphy:


Judge's Arguments:

First of all, to the evidence that "Newborn children are persons", this
is clearly false. Newborn children are wholly incapable of freely
communicating any independent thoughts or ideas, and are thus not
persons. That being said, CFJ 2398 establishes that a young child could
be a person, if they have suitable communication skills.

As to the actual point at hand, the definition of "unreasonably
difficult" is clearly not an absolute requirement, but some things
clearly fail to fit this criteria. The proposed example of what "300
divided by 9" is equal to clearly fails to reach the threshold of
"unreasonably difficult" for any person: failing the ability to do this
math on their own, a calculator could be used (whether physical or
digital) or another person could be asked. I don't believe that the use
of a calculator (or, in fact, Google) is too much to ask for someone who
is capable of playing Agora.

That being said, there are clearly things which fall into the realm of
"unreasonably difficult". It wouldn't make sense for a player of an
email game to provide a 30 page mathematical proof. Ultimately, there is
quite a bit of fuzziness in where the line of too difficult is, but I
don't think it's too much to ask for this definition to follow the
common consensus among players -- or by CFJ on cases that seem to be on
the verge of "unreasonably difficult". I judge CFJ 3506 DISMISS.