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==============================  CFJ 3504  ==============================

      A player may award emself a White Ribbon.


Caller:                       Quazie

Judge:                        ais523
Judgement:                    TRUE



Called by Quazie:             21 May 2017
Assiged to ais523:            21 May 2017
Judged TRUE by ais523:        21 May 2017


Caller's Arguments:

  While rule 2438 states that 'While a person qualifies for a type of
Ribbon, any player can generally award em that type of Ribbon.' I believe
that the White Ribbon's text overrides that Generally, and that the only
method of obtaining a White Ribbon is from another player.

I submit as additional arguments: The below thread between nichdel and

On Sat, May 20, 2017 at 9:47 PM Nic Evans  wrote:

Earlier in the rule it says "While a person qualifies for a type of
Ribbon, any player can generally award em that type of Ribbon." Nothing
says the mechanism specified by the White Ribbon is the only mechanism, and
they're not contradictory mechanisms.

In either case I still qualify for it, so I still get the Transparent. The
only question is whether I receive the White.

On 05/20/2017 11:44 PM, Quazie wrote:

How does 'Can award another person' possibly mean 'can award emself'?

On Sat, May 20, 2017 at 9:43 PM Nic Evans  wrote:

I read the rule as having two mechanisms: 1 where you qualify by virtue
of never having it, and therefore being able to award it, 2 where anyone
can award it to anyone regardless of qualificaiton if they haven't before.
Owen appears to have awarded emself a White ribbon previously:

On 05/20/2017 11:39 PM, Quazie wrote:

You are not ANOTHER person, you can't award yourself a white ribbon.

On Sat, May 20, 2017 at 9:38 PM Nic Evans  wrote:

I have held the office of Assessor for >30 days, and in that time have
never missed a deadline. I award myself the Green Ribbon.

I assigned a judgment to CFJ 3499 [1] without missing any deadlines. I
award myself a Blue Ribbon.

I have been awarded the patent title Champion [2] in the last 7 days. I
award myself an Ultraviolet Ribbon.

I am the Speaker. I award myself a Platinum Ribbon.

I have never had a White Ribbon. I award myself a White Ribbon.

I have qualified for or earned 5 Ribbons [3] in the past 7 days. I award
myself a Transparent Ribbon.





Caller's Evidence:

Rule 2438/5 (Power=3)

      The Tailor is an office, and the recordkeepor of Ribbons.

      Ribbon Ownership is a person switch, tracked by the Tailor in
      his monthly report, whose values are the subsets of the set of
      types of Ribbon, defaulting to the empty set.

      To "award a person a " is to add that type of
      Ribbon to that person's Ribbon Ownership. A person "owns a
      " if that type of Ribbon is an element of eir
      Ribbon Ownership.

      While a person qualifies for a type of Ribbon, any player can
      generally award em that type of Ribbon. A person qualifies for a
      type of Ribbon if e has earned that type of Ribbon within the
      preceding 7 days (including earlier in the same message) and has
      not owned that type of Ribbon within the preceding 7 days.

      While a person owns all types of Ribbon, that person can Raise a
      Banner by announcement. This causes that person to win the game.
      That person's Ribbon Ownership becomes the empty set.

      The types of Ribbon, and the methods of obtaining them, are as

      Red (R): When a proposal is adopted and changes at least one
      rule with Power >= 3, its proposer earns a Red Ribbon.

      Orange (O): When a proposal is adopted via an Agoran Decision on
      which no valid votes were AGAINST, its proposer earns an Orange

      Green (G): While a person has held an elected office
      continuously for 30 days, and has not failed to perform any
      duties of that office within the appropriate time limits during
      those 30 days, that person qualifies for a Green Ribbon.

      Cyan (C): When a person deputises for an office, that person
      earns a Cyan Ribbon.

      Blue (B): When a person assigns a judgement to a CFJ, and has
      never violated a time limit to assign a judgement to that CFJ,
      that person earns a Blue Ribbon.

      Magenta (M): During Agora's Birthday, each person who has
      publicly acknowledged the fact qualifies for a Magenta Ribbon.

      Ultraviolet (U): When a person is awarded the Patent Title
      Champion, that person earns an Ultraviolet Ribbon.

      Violet (V): When a person is awarded a Patent Title other than
      Champion or a degree, that person earns a Violet Ribbon.

      Indigo (I): When a person is awarded a degree, that person earns
      an Indigo Ribbon.

      Platinum (P): The Speaker qualifies for a Platinum Ribbon.

      Lime (L): A person qualifies for a Lime Ribbon if three or more
      proposals adopted in the preceding 7 days had that person as a

      White (W): A player qualifies for a White Ribbon if e has never
      previously owned a White Ribbon (including under previous
      rulesets). A player who has been registered for at least 30 days
      and has never caused another person to gain a White Ribbon
      (including under a previous ruleset) CAN award a White Ribbon to
      another person by announcement.

      Black (K): This rule does not specify any methods of obtaining
      Black Ribbons.

      Gray (A): The Tailor CAN award a Gray Ribbon by announcement,
      unless e has done so earlier in the month. E is ENCOURAGED to
      award such a Ribbon in the same message in which e publishes eir
      monthly report.

      Transparent (T): A person qualifies for a Transparent Ribbon
      while the number of other types of Ribbon that that person
      qualifies for and/or has earned within the previous 7 days is at
      least 5.


Judge's Arguments:

There are two mechanisms for gaining a White Ribbon, the one in the
fourth paragraph of rule 2438, and the one in the "White" paragraph of
rule 2438. The former mechanism can be used by a player on emself. (In
fact, it's usual for players to award emself White Ribbons via the
former mechanism if they can; if a different player did it, e would
lock emself out from using the latter mechanism in the future, and
historically, the ability to award a White Ribbon to another has been a
fairly valuable economic asset that players have traded a lot for.)