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=============================  CFJ 3492  =============================

      天火狐 is a member of 蘭亭社.


Caller:                     grok
Judge:                      Quazie            
Judgement:                  TRUE            



Called by grok:             19 May 2017
Assigned to Quazie:         19 May 2017
Judged TRUE by Quazie:      22 May 2017


Caller's Arguments:

The decision in CFJ 1460
The decision in CFJ 3478, specifically the following two excerpts:

> There are plenty of lines which are potentially ambiguous; for example,
> paragraph 5 machine-translates as "suitable", and uses the characters
> 「相応し」 to represent the word (as opposed to 「相応しい」, which is defined to
> mean "Appropriate"). However, some experimentation shows that when the
> word is followed by 「くない」, the final 「い」 is dropped (both incorrect
> combinations are flagged up as a typo by the autocorrect on the machine
> translator I'm using, which is about as clear a message as a computer
> can give on the subject). As such, it seems most reasonable to
> interpret 「相応しくない」 as meaning "Inappropriate", even if this definition
> cannot be determined via a simple matching of character sequences in an
> editor.


> However, some lines are very clear. Line 3, for example, is a very
> clear statement of possibility for a Budget switch flip. Unfortunately,
> it does not use the word "Appropriate" anywhere, neither in its
> English form, nor anything resembling the specified Japanese
> translations 「ふさわしい」 or 「相応しい」. An Organization merely
> stating that something is possible has no effect; it needs to specify
> that the action is Appropriate. As such, I conclude that there's no
> actual way to join this Organization.


Judge's Arguments:

I accept 天火狐's arguments which I will summarize below:

* Rule 2461 "Death and Birth of Organizations" states that "When an
  organization is created this way, its Charter is set to the value
  that e specified, and the Budget switch for that player and
  Organization is set to the Income Floor."
* Rule 2459 "Organizations" states that "A 'member' of an Organization
  is a player for which the pair consisting of that Organization and
  that player has a nonzero Budget."
* "And" implies that the Charter and the Budget switch are set at the
  same time.
* Therefore, 天火狐 had become a member of 蘭亭社 regardless of what
  its charter allowed or forbade.

What this judgement thus implies is that as long as an organization
was successfully created, regardless of what the charter says or
doesn't say about how one joins the Organization, the creator of an
organization is initially a member of said Organization. If i were not
on Lockout, I'd go so far as to prove this logic by, as part of my
judgement, making an organization whose charter was simply "No person
may flip their budget switch for this organization" - I would be
unable to leave said organization (as i couldn't flip my Budget to 0),
but if I created it, the charter would not stop me from joining (as
2461 would've set my Budget to the Income Floor).