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=============================  CFJ 3488  =============================

      I CAN assign a valid judgement to CFJ 3471 by announcement.


Caller:                      G.

Judge:                       Publius Scribonius Scholasticus
Judgement:                   TRUE



Called by G.:                                    16 May 2017
Assigned to Publius Scribonius Scholasticus:     19 May 2017
Judged TRUE by Publius Scribonius Scholasticus:  19 May 2017


Caller's Arguments:

I was assigned to be the judge of CFJ 3471 on 5-Jan-2017.  I have not
delivered a judgement, and I recently deregistered.

R991 talks about requirements for being *assigned* to be a judge
(being a Player being one of them).  But once assigned, the rules talk
about what a Judge CAN do, but don't require em to be a player to do
so and don't explicitly remove em from judgeship.  I think the rules
remove any requirement to judge from a non-player (as e is no longer
consenting to be bound by the rules), but not the ability to judge by


Caller's Evidence:

Rule 991/17 (Power=2)
Calls for Judgement

      Any person (the initiator) can initiate a Call for Judgement
      (CFJ, syn. Judicial Case) by announcement, specifying a
      statement to be inquired into.  E may optionally bar one person
      from the case.

      At any time, each CFJ is either open (default), suspended, or
      assigned exactly one judgement.

      The Arbitor is an office, responsible for the administration of
      justice in a manner that is fair for emself, if not for the rest
      of Agora.

      When a CFJ has no judge assigned, the Arbitor CAN assign any
      player to be its judge by announcement, and SHALL do so within a
      week.  The players eligible to be assigned as judge are all
      players except the initiator and the person barred (if any).
      The Arbitor SHALL assign judges over time such that all
      interested players have reasonably equal opportunities to judge.
      If a CFJ has no judge assigned, then any player eligible to
      judge that CFJ CAN assign it to emself Without 3 Objections.

Rule 591/42 (Power=1.7)
Delivering Judgements

      When a CFJ is open and assigned to a judge, that judge CAN
      assign a valid judgement to it by announcement, and SHALL do so
      in a timely fashion after this becomes possible.  If e does not,
      the Arbitor CAN remove em from being the judge of that case by

      The valid judgements, based on the facts of the case at the time
      the CFJ was initiated, are TRUE, FALSE, and DISMISS.  DISMISS is
      appropriate if the statement is malformed, undecidable,
      irrelevant to the game, if insufficient information exists to
      make a judgement with reasonable effort, or the statement is
      otherwise not able to be answered TRUE or FALSE.


Judge's Arguments

I judge CFJ 3488 TRUE. Further, the person known as G. must do so in
"do so in a timely fashion after this becomes possible," per Rule 591.
I find this because the judgement was assigned to G. under Rule 991
when he was a player. Finally, no rule caused G. to lose his status as
judge and Rule 591 only states that the judge must issue a judgement
with no limitation on who that judge may be.