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=============================  CFJ 3483  =============================

      At least one player regulated action has been performed by 
      Quazie the player, initiated by a message sent by Quazie the 
      person since e became a player.


Caller:                     Quazie            

Judge:                      G.             
Judgement:                  TRUE            



Called by Quazie:           3 May 2017
Assigned to G.:             4 May 2017
Judged TRUE by G.:          5 May 2017


Caller's Arguments:

In my pre-registeration e-mail i noted that I was a player under 
Murphy's control, not eir and my joint control.  I'm unsure if I've 
done any actions other than a single objection performed in an e-mail
sent by Murphy. 


Judge's Arguments:

R478/33 (Fora) reads in part:
       Freedom of speech being essential for the healthy functioning of
       any non-Imperial nomic, it is hereby resolved that no Player
       shall be prohibited from participating in the Fora, nor shall
       any person create physical or technological obstacles that
       unduly favor some players' fora access over others.

This is a very strong protection (a "right").  This makes it clear
that Quazie, as a player, CANNOT generally be barred by external
obstacles from posting to the public forum, which is synonymous with
making announcements.

Now, it's possible for the Rules themselves to bar certain
announcements from having a legal effect.  However, in this case, it
is an external Power of Attorney, not explicitly governed by the
Rules, that the Caller is considering.  Thus it might be considered an
external obstacle akin to a physical or technological obstacle. 
Further, the PoA does not explicitly bar Quazie's direct participation
in the fora.  Finally, the PoA explicitly stipulates that at least one
form of announcement, the termination announcement ("There can be only
one") is specified for Quazie to make emself, not through Murphy.  If
Quazie's announcements had no legal effect in general, e couldn't make
that termination announcement, which would be a perverse and
inappropriate reading of the PoA's intent.

Thus, the combination of the strong protections for making
announcements in general, coupled with the fact that the PoA specifies
one type of announcement from Quazie as having an effect, and does not
explicitly bar em from making others, leads me to conclude that the
PoA does not bar Quazie from taking actions by announcement (as posted
from eir own email address, by emself as a natural person), and thus
said announcements have their usual effects for em as a Player.

I have noted at least one such announcement (a vote, I believe),
therefore this statement is TRUE.