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=============================  CFJ 3468  =============================

      It is possible for circumstances to exist under which is 
      possible to initiate a new Era by announcement.


Caller:                      ais523

Judge:                       Publius Scribonius Scholasticus
Judgement:                   TRUE           



Called by ais523:                               10 Nov 2016
Assigned to Publius Scribonius Scholasticus:    19 May 2017
Judged TRUE by Publius Scribonius Scholasticus: 20 May 2017

Caller's Arguments:

"with Agoran Support" is undefined, but currently exists within the
ruleset. A previous CFJ (1802) has found that the phrase is ambiguous;
possible readings I see are "with Support" and "with Agoran Consent",
two types of dependent action, and "with the support of an Agoran" and
"with the support of Agora" (two natural English readings of the
phrase). Rule 217 implies that ambiguous rules /do/ have an effect, and
we can use game custom, common sense, past judgements, and the best
interests of the game in order to determine what they mean.

In this case, it seems fairly likely that circumstances could be
created under which all four possible definitions hold simultaneously
(even though some are loosely defined), so I'd recommend a judgement of
TRUE. (That said, the latter two definitions are missing a "by
announcement" – dependent actions have this implicitly – which may well
complicate matters.) I would, however, appreciate a judicial ruling on
what test should be used to determine when a new Era has started.

(As a side note: rule 105 appears not to prevent situations in which
it's ambiguous whether a rule change has occured; it instead prevents
rule changes for which it's ambiguous what they do. In this case, it's
clear how the ruleset would change, just unclear whether the mechanism
to change it has been used correctly.)


Gratuitous Evidence by G.:
[Version of rule in effect when CFJ was called]

Rule 2448/2 (Power=1)

      An Era is a period of time that has a defined start, either
      has a defined end or is still ongoing, and has been initiated
      as specified by this rule.

      Upon the initiation of an Era, each existing Ephemeral Rule
      (in the order they were created) is repealed, unless the
      initiation specifies otherwise.

      A player CAN initiate a new Era with Agoran Support.


Judge's Arguments:

I find CFJ 3468 to be trivially TRUE because a set of proposals could
as has occurred amend the rule to remove ambiguity. However, given
that this is not the spirit of the CFJ, I will also offer an
explanation of why it is also TRUE with no rules amendments. I believe
the two logical interpretations of "with Agoran Support" are "with the
Support of Agora" and "with Agoran Consent". I further believe that
the term "support" in this instance replies to making Agora a
"supporter" as laid out in Rule 2124. I believe the easiest method for
Agora to become a "supporter" would be by a proposal making it such
for the specified action. After which to cover all of the bases, I
believe Agoran Consent must be received. Under the rule at the type of
the CFJ's calling, I believe a new era could be initiated by making
Agora a "supporter" by proposal and then achieving Agoran Consent.