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=============================  CFJ 3446  =============================

      In Rule 2447/0, the "first week" of a month is the Agoran week
      in which the 1st of the month occurs.


Caller:                      G.           

Judge:                       aranea           
Judgement:                   FALSE           



Called by G.:                30 Apr 2015
Assigned to aranea:          17 May 2015
Judged FALSE by aranea:      28 May 2015


Caller's Arguments:

Other possibilities include:
  - The "first week" means days 1-7 of the month (i.e. it's a
    "relative duration" as per R1023.
  - It's the first week that falls entirely within that month
    as per R2327.
I don't have a strong argument for any of these.

It's possible that R2447 will be repealed soon, but the proposed new
rule doesn't fix this language.

[Arbitor's note:  As of CFJ assignment, disputed text is in R869/38].


Caller's Evidence:

Rule 2447/0 (Power=1)
Monthly Cleanup

      In the first week of every month, the Registrar shall use the
      method described in Rule 2130 to attempt to deregister every
      player that has not sent a message to a public forum in the last
      month. This action is the Monthly Deportation.

      Players who have not sent messages to a public forum in the last
      month are encouraged to deregister themselves before the Monthly


Judge's Arguments:

The cited rule 2447/0 is ambigous, so there's some room for reasonable
interpretation here. Assuming the "first week" refers to the Agoran
week in which the 1st of the month occurs would create some problems:

The Monthly Deportation should take place in the new month because
the deregistration requirement of R869 (then R2130) refers to the
"last" month. If the 1st of a month falls on a Sunday, the Registrar
would have to perform the Monthly Deportation on that exact date; this
seems to be an unreasonable requirement.

The other two proposed interpretations would make more sense. I prefer
the option "relative duration, days 1-7 of the month".

I judge FALSE.