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=============================  CFJ 3444  =============================

      scshunt is a player.


Caller:                     omd            

Judge:                      ais523            
Judgement:                  TRUE            



Called by omd:              23 Apr 2015
Assigned to ais523:         23 Apr 2015
Judged TRUE by ais523:      26 Apr 2015

Caller's Evidence:

On Wed, Apr 22, 2015 at 11:11 PM, Sean Hunt  wrote:
I would like to become a player at this time, even though I cannot do so by

Rule 869/37 (Power=3)
How to Join and Leave Agora

      Any organism that is generally capable of freely originating and
      communicating independent thoughts and ideas is a person.  Rules
      to the contrary notwithstanding, no other entities are persons.

      Citizenship is a person switch with values Unregistered
      (default) and Registered, tracked by the Registrar.  Changes to
      citizenship are secured.  A registered person is a Player.

      A person CAN (unless explicitly forbidden or prevented by the
      rules) register by publishing a message that indicates
      reasonably clearly and reasonably unambiguously that e intends
      to become a player at that time.  A person, by registering,
      agrees to abide by the Rules.  The Rules CANNOT otherwise bind a
      person to abide by any agreement without that person's willful

      A player CAN deregister (cease being a player) by announcement.
      If e does so, e CANNOT register by announcement for 30 days.

      The Rules CANNOT compel non-players to act, nor compel players
      to unduly harass non-players.  A non-person CANNOT be a player,
      rules to the contrary notwithstanding.


Judge's Arguments:

So the important thing here is whether scshunt is registering by

Rule 478/32 (Power=3)

      Where the rules define an action that CAN be performed "by
      announcement", a person performs that action by unambiguously
      and clearly specifying the action and announcing that e performs

Is the action specified clearly and unambiguously? I'd say yes. Is
scshunt announcing that e performs it? No, the email is a statement of
intention, rather than a speech action as we'd normally consider it.

Thus, the timeout on registration doesn't apply to this particular
message, as it's not of the forbidden form. I don't see any other reason
why the registration would fail.

I judge CFJ 3444 TRUE.