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=============================  CFJ 3442  =============================

      Points awards for voting are made at the end of the voting
      period (rather than the time of resolution).


Caller:                     omd            

Judge:                      G.                           
Judgement:                  DISMISS            



Called by omd:              04 Nov 2014
Assigned to G.:             10 Nov 2014
Judged DISMISS by G.:       10 Nov 2014 


Caller's Arguments:

Not that it really matters if they're being repealed, but -

Rule 2421 only mentions "If the result of a decision is
ADOPTED/REJECTED", without giving any specific time.  (It could be
considered to refer to the "Whenever a proposal is adopted" earlier in
the rule, but then the REJECTED part would never apply.)  Perhaps the
most reasonable reading is "When a decision comes to have a result, if
that result is ADOPTED" - but Rule 955 defines outcome as existing
starting at the end of the voting period.


Caller's Evidence:

Rule 2421/4 (Power=1)
Points Awards

      Whenever a proposal is adopted, its author and co-authors (if
      any) earns a number of points equal to its adoption index,
      rounded down. A given player cannot earn more than 15 points
      this way in a single Agoran week.

      The Purse of an Agoran decision to adopt a proposal is a number
      of Points equal to 10 times the quorum on the decision, plus 10.
      A Punter on such a decision is any player who cast a valid
      unconditional ballot on the decision, and did not retract any
      ballots on that decision.

      If the result of a decision is ADOPTED, the Purse is split as
      evenly as possible (rounding down) among all punters who voted
      AGAINST it.  If the result of the decision is REJECTED, the
      Purse is split as evenly as possible (rounding down) among all
      punters who voted FOR it.


Judge's Arguments:

This is a bit relevant to the Ribbons rule, which has a clause
where the timing of "adopted" is important:
       Lime (L): A person qualifies for a Lime Ribbon if three or more
       proposals adopted in the preceding 7 days had that person as a

R106 reads:
        When a decision about whether to adopt a proposal is resolved,
       if the option selected by Agora is ADOPTED, then the proposal in
       question is adopted...

So a Decision has a value of adopted from the end of the voting period,
while the Proposal has that value when the decision is resolved.  This
would lead to the points for the Proposal happening at the resolution,
but the points for the Decision happening at the end of the voting

So the statement is true for some "points for voting", not for others. 
With the specific phrasing of the Statement, it's not clear in this
statement if an AND or an OR should apply for the two types of points
awards, so I DISMISS this case.