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==============================  CFJ 3440  ==============================

      I violated Rule 2143 (Official Reports and Duties) on November 3
      by publishing a message titled "OFF: [Rulekeepor] Full Logical


Caller:                       omd

Judge:                        Sprocklem
Judgement:                    FALSE



Called by omd:                03 Nov 2014
Assigned to Sprocklem:        10 Nov 2014
Judged FALSE by Sprocklem:    11 Nov 2014


Caller's Arguments:

Despite being labeled as such, I contend that this message did not
constitute a Full Logical Ruleset.  Rule 1681 says "The FLR must
contain all the information required to be in the SLR", and that the
SLR contains "each rule" and "the listing of each rule in the SLR must
include the rule's ID number, revision number, power, title, and
text.".  However, here is an excerpt from the document I published:

Rule 2437/1 (Power=1)
The Dungeon Master

      The Dungeon Master is an office.  The Dungeon Master's weekly
      report includes a summary of what has happened in the Province
      of Agora since the previous report.  The Dungeon Master's
      monthly report includes a summary of the entire publicly known
      state of the Province.  These summaries MAY be anything
      whatsoever (subject to other rules), but they SHOULD follow
      common sense, precedent, and Agoran consensus.

[! Rulekeepor note: There is a small chance this rule has been

What's that note?  It's waffling!  I'm saying the rule exists and has
this text, but then turn around and say the rule might not actually
exist.  Taken as a whole, I'm basically refusing to commit to either
state for the rule, which means I'm not making any authoritative
specification of, at least, the correct list of rules.  Accordingly,
the FLR is incomplete, regardless of whether the rule actually exists
or not.


Judge's Arguments:

While the FLR does require each rule, it would not have been possible to
publish a FLR with just the rule's texts, but rather there would need to
be some sort of note, that there are two possibilities depending on the
rule in question. Here, the most likely text of the rule was published,
immediately followed by a note that tells the reader of another
possibility for the aforementioned rule, which unambiguously presents to
the reader, as best as is possible, the text of the FLR.

I judge CFJ 3440 FALSE.