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==============================  CFJ 3428  ==============================

    If a player X deputises for the IADoP to resolve an IADoP election,
    and the winner of the election is a player Y other than X, then,
    one second after the deputisation, barring any intervening effects,
    Y will be the IADoP.


Caller:                       Warrigal         

Judge:                        Sprocklem
Judgement:                    TRUE



Called by Warrigal:           24 Aug 2014         
Assigned to Murphy:           04 Sep 2014
Murphy Recused:               02 Oct 2014
Assigned to Sprocklem:        02 Oct 2014
Judged TRUE by Sprocklem:     03 Oct 2014                  


Caller's Arguments:

    Y certainly has a better claim to the office than X, so the Rule
    2154 effect ought to happen after the Rule 2160 effect.


Caller's Evidence:
    Rule 2154 "Election Procedure" says that Y becomes the IADoP, but
    Rule 2160 "Deputisation" says that X becomes the IADoP.


Judge Sprocklem's Arguments:

The first relevant rule here is Rule 2160: Deputisation, which reads:
> Any player (a deputy) CAN perform an action as if e held a
> particular office (deputise for that office) if all of the
> following are true:
> [...]
> When a player deputises for an elected office, e becomes the
> holder of that office.

Note here that the player becomes the holder WHEN e deputizes, not after.

The second relevant rule, Rule 2154: Election Procedure, reads:
> Upon the resolution of this decision, its outcome, if a player,
> is installed into office, and the election ends.

Note here that the elected player becomes, unconditionally, the
officeholder WHEN the decision is resolved.

Lastly, Rule 478: Fora reads:
> Actions in messages (including sub-messages) are performed in
> the order they appear in the message, unless otherwise specified.

Keeping these timings in mind, and the fact that the deputisation occurs
before resolution, the elected player must take over the office from the
deputising player, ending up with the office.

I judge CFJ 3428 TRUE.