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==============================  CFJ 3003  ==============================

    If the Rules state that a person can do Y by "publishing" X, then
    it's functionally equivalent to saying Y can be done "by
    announcement" of X.


Caller:                                 G.

Judge:                                  ais523
Judgement:                              FALSE



Called by G.:                           19 Apr 2011 19:37:18 GMT
Assigned to ais523:                     20 Apr 2011 00:53:25 GMT
Judged FALSE by ais523:                 22 Apr 2011 14:43:55 GMT


Caller's Arguments:

R478 equates "publish" with "announce" and they are common-language
synonyms.   R478 puts standards of clarity ("unambiguously and
clearly") for things performed "by announcement".  Are these the same
standards for things performed "by publishing"?

The intent of a R869 amendment was to weaken the "by announcement"
standard by using "publishing" for registration.  However, such a
weakening would mean that unclear reports could be published,
unclear judicial declarations, etc.... multiple places that define
"publish".  The multiple places that the two terms are used
interchangeably outweigh the single place (registration) that this
was not the intention.


Gratuitous Arguments by omd:

1) We don't require the author of a report to specify that "e
performs" anything when publishing it, which is hard to square with
the idea that the definition of "by announcement" is involved.  (The
title of a report is arguably a specification that that report is
being published, but it does not say who is publishing it.  I don't
think I can call a CFJ by stating "A CFJ is called...")

2) When we had Truthfulness, we didn't hesitate to punish people for
ambiguous/unclear false statements, which by your interpretation would
not be considered published.  (The most recent version of that rule
used the phrase "make a public statement", which seems like it should
be equivalent to "publish"; the Truthiness version actually used
"publish statements").

3) Even if a report is allowed to be unclear, the author still has to
publish the information, not a message "indicating" something or
other, so there's still a large distinction between the cases.


Judge ais523's Arguments:

First, obviously "publish" = "announce"
because rule 478 says so. So saying that somebody publishes something,
is the same as saying that they announce it.

However, doing something "by announcement" is not the same as announcing

> A
> person "publishes" or "announces" something by sending a public
> message,.

> Where the rules define an action that CAN be performed "by
> announcement", a person performs that action by unambiguously
> and clearly specifying the action and announcing that e performs
> it.

Two clearly different definitions, there. The second one requires the
player to announce that they perform the action, but adds extra
conditions as well (unambiguity, etc.).

Thus, I judge CFJ 3003 FALSE. I can see a weakish case for "by
publication" = "by announcement" (a direct grammatical translation of
rules-defined synonyms), but not for "by publishing" = "by
announcement" (because both are explicitly defined in the rules, to
different meanings).