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==============================  CFJ 2905  ==============================

    The document referred to above would be a group if 3 players consent
    to it.


Caller:                                 scshunt

Judge:                                  omd
Judgement:                              FALSE



Called by scshunt:                      22 Nov 2010 14:11:54 GMT
Assigned to omd:                        25 Nov 2010 18:26:23 GMT
Judged FALSE by omd:                    25 Nov 2010 20:50:14 GMT


Caller's Evidence:

On 10-11-22 03:19 AM, Kerim Aydin wrote:
> I publish the following document:
> {
> The Bank


Caller's Arguments:

The second one is more complex. A large portion of the terms in the
rules defining groups are undefined. What's more, a group's membership
must be initially 3. Since this "group"'s membership was initially 0 or
maybe 1, does that make it fatal to it ever being a true group?


Judge omd's Arguments:

To quote an earlier message of mine:
> Hmm...
>      A Group is an Organization with an associated SLC called its
>      Ordinances.
> Since Organization is not defined elsewhere, it takes on its natural
> meaning (cf. "politician"): any real-life organization which calls an
> associated SLC its Ordinances is a Group.  A short ruleset dig reveals
> that SLC is indeed short for "Subordinate Legal Code"; this seems to
> imply that any legal code which is subordinate to another legal code
> (such as any real-life contract) is a SLC, but perhaps the
> abbreviation implies that a SLC must be subordinate to Agora.

- If The Bank had three members participating in it, it would be
reasonable to call it an organization, albeit a small one.
- The document in question is indeed labelled as a set of Ordinances.
- Since the document claims to be subordinate to Agora ("This
document... is an agreement under the jurisdiction of the rules of
Agora."), it is a SLC whether or not the abbreviation implies

All the requirements for something to be a Group are satisfied, so the
answer to the spirit of the question is TRUE.  However, the document
itself would not be a Group; rather, the abstract entity composed of
The Bank's members, with the document as its Ordinances, would be a
Group.  Therefore I judge FALSE.


Judge omd's Evidence:

[CotC: full body of G.'s original message, included at judge's request]

I publish the following document:
The Bank

ORDINANCES (The Subordinate Legal Code, or SLC)

1.  This document constitutes an agreement known as The Bank, and
    is an agreement under the jurisdiction of the rules of Agora.
    A Member is an Agoran Player who is currently bound by this

2.  Provided The Bank has 3 or more members, The Bank is a group
    as defined by the rules of Agora.

3.  The Ordinancekeepor and Vizier of The Bank is G.

4.  If The Bank has fewer than 3 members, than any player CAN
    become a Member by public announcement if e has not left
    (ceased to be a member of) The Bank in the previous 7 days.
    If The Bank has 3 or more members, another person CAN become
    a member without 2 objections from other members.

5.  A Member CAN leave The Bank by announcement.

6.  Any Member CAN cast or retract votes on Agoran Decisions on
    behalf of the Group, by announcement.

7.  Marks are a Currency.  The recordkeepor of Marks is the
    Vizier.  Marks CAN only be created as described explicitly
    by these Ordinances.

8.  When a person becomes a Member, the Vizier CAN and SHALL,
    asap, create 10 marks in the new Member's possession.  When
    this Ordinance takes effect, 100 Marks are created in the
    possession of The Bank.

9.  These ordinances can be changed With Support of half its
    members (rounded down), With Notice.

I agree to the above.  -G.