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=========================  Criminal Case 2776  =========================

    Yally violated Rule 2143, a 1-power Rule, by publishing inaccurate
    information in eir most recent Registrar's report, namely that
    Warrigal was an inactive player.


Caller:                                 scshunt
Barred:                                 Yally

Judge:                                  allispaul

Judge:                                  Murphy
Judgement:                              GUILTY/COMMUNITY SERVICE



Called by scshunt:                      22 Mar 2010 02:18:29 GMT
Defendant Yally informed:               22 Mar 2010 02:18:29 GMT
Assigned to allispaul:                  22 Mar 2010 12:00:02 GMT
allispaul recused:                      08 Apr 2010 13:23:25 GMT
Assigned to Murphy:                     08 Apr 2010 13:26:46 GMT
                                        16 Apr 2010 15:24:08 GMT


Caller's Arguments:

Warrigal came off hold at 2010-03-18T19:49Z in a message addressed to
the Agora Nomic Backup List, at the address As described in the Accused's own
Registrar's report, that list is a public forum as it has been for most,
if not all, of Agora's long history. As a result, the message is valid.
Rule 478 includes the suggestion that "Each active player should ensure
e can receive messages via each public forum"; this recommendation
should be self-evident to any player familiar with the fact that a
message to any public forum carries equal validity.

The Accused's continued ignorance of Warrigal's registration message
indicates clearly that e is not subscribed to the Agora Nomic Backup
List, although the list of subscribers is not public. The list of
subscribers to the Agora backup list at,
however, is public, and it does not include, the
Accused's email address. It is clear, therefore, that the Accused is
only subscribed to one half of Agora's public fora.

There are 5 criteria for a GUILTY judgment, per Rule 1504. The first
three are trivial - the report WAS inaccurate, it WAS within the
previous 90 days, and there WAS not a previous judgment about this offense.

The fourth criterion is that "the Accused could not have reasonably
believed that the alleged act did not violate the specified rule". I
hold that this is indeed the case because it is unreasonable for the
Accused - an officer of Agora (and the officer responsible for fora) -
not to be subscribed to a public forum. Anyone subscribed to the forum
would have received the message and known that the report was
inaccurate; therefore it is a reasonable expectation that the Accused
know the inaccuracy of eir report.

The final criterion, that "the Accused could have reasonably avoided
committing the breach without committing a different breach of equal or
greater severity", is simple - the Accused needed only to list Warrigal
as an active player, which is hardly unreasonable.

For these reason, I hold that Yally is GUILTY and that e deserves a
stronger punishment than the norm, since e violated a self-evident
recommendation in the rules which is a particularly egregious offense
for an officer (much less the Registrar) to make.


Judge Murphy's Arguments:

Resolving subscription problems may be difficult (esp. if the list
admin is no longer responsive - I don't know who it is for either of
the backup lists), but testing them is easy (send a message and see
whether the list sends it back to you), and should be particularly
expected of the officer who tracks the list of Fora.

GUILTY / COMMUNITY SERVICE.  For each Public Forum not hosted at, the defendant SHALL either

  1) ensure that e is subscribed to it


  2) during the three weeks after this judgement is delivered, make a
     reasonable effort to replace it with another Public Forum not
     hosted at