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==============================  CFJ 2463  ==============================

    It is possible for the Ambassador to flip the Recognition of Einos
    ( to Friendly.


Caller:                                 ais523

Judge:                                  root
Judgement:                              TRUE



Called by ais523:                       24 Apr 2009 02:59:20 GMT
Assigned to root:                       26 Apr 2009 20:39:38 GMT
Judged TRUE by root:                    28 Apr 2009 07:22:59 GMT


Caller's Arguments:

I think this is a pretty clear UNDECIDABLE. It's paradoxical whether
Einos fulfils the conditions to still be a protectorate (it was once),
and therefore whether it is currently a protectorate. The rules-defined
action in the CFJ subject is possible only if it isn't.

Maybe protectorisation should be pragmatised?


Caller's Evidence:

>From Einos' ruleset:
Rule X. The Earth Is Nonetheless An Oblate Spheroid Nomic submits to
Agora as its benevolent protector. Any protective decree of Agora that
targets this nomic takes effect as specified by the rules of Agora, if
and only if *the portion of this sentence in bold is false*.

(The portion of the sentences between the asterisks in this email is in
bold in the actual Einos ruleset, without the asterisks.)

Excerpt from rule 2147:
      In order to become a protectorate, a nomic must specify in its
      ruleset that it submits to Agora as its benevolent protector.
      It must also have rules or other gamestate arranged such that
      any protective decree proclaimed by the ambassador will take
      full effect upon proclamation.  Any restriction whatsoever on
      the content of a protective decree disqualifies the nomic from
      being a protectorate.

      If the criteria specified in the preceding paragraph are met,
      the ambassador may make the nomic a protectorate without three
      objections.  If a protectorate ever does not meet these
      criteria, it ceases to be a protectorate.

Excerpt from rule 2185:
      Recognition is a foreign nomic switch, tracked by the
      Ambassador, with values Unknown (default), Protected, Friendly,
      Neutral, Sanctioned, Hostile, and Abandoned.

      When a foreign nomic becomes a Protectorate, its Recognition
      becomes Protected.  When a foreign nomic ceases to be a
      Protectorate, its Recognition becomes Unknown.  A foreign
      nomic's Recognition CANNOT change to or from Protected in any
      other way.

      The Ambassador CAN, without objection, flip a foreign nomic's
      Recognition to any value (subject to the above restriction).


Judge root's Arguments:

The bold clause is neither true nor false.  Since it is not false,
protective decrees would not take effect.  As such, the recognition of
Einos became Unknown when this change to its ruleset occurred.  I
judge CFJ 2463 TRUE.