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==============================  CFJ 2461  ==============================

    I (that is, the person who is requesting judgment here) am a player.


Caller:                                 Nameless

Judge:                                  Murphy
Judgement:                              TRUE



Called by Nameless:                     22 Apr 2009 20:36:14 GMT
Assigned to Murphy:                     23 Apr 2009 10:23:54 GMT
Judged TRUE by Murphy:                  23 Apr 2009 10:31:28 GMT


Caller's Evidence:

Hi, I’m a gamer friend of Kerim (you call him Goethe) and he’s sometimes
talked about Agora.  I played original Nomic in person with him a couple times
a few years ago.  Never really read the mailing list until now, but I looked
over the rules and he said today that there’s a judicial test that might be
interesting for an unknown player, so I thought I’d try.  Maybe I’ll play for
real after a while, but not until this one is sorted out!  I'm sorry if this
annoys anyone.

Anyway, I register.  I request permission to register.  I wish to register.

Now for the important part. I’ll say right out that I’ve never played, lurked,
or watched here, but that this email address was just made up out of random
letters and numbers on a fresh hotmail account (Goethe and I are doing this on
his laptop at lunch, but I’m doing the writing and sending), and it is not any
name or nickname I would ever choose.  I’m not going to say what my real name
is and I’m certainly not trying to mislead you into thinking I’m someone who’s
not myself.  I’m just not selecting a nickname, confusing or otherwise,
because I don’t think I have to.

That’s the whole puzzle, I guess!


Judge Murphy's Arguments:

Registration does not depend on nickname or even name, merely on
being a person separate from any existing player (evidently true)
and not being barred due to the circumstances of past registration
(evidently n/a).  Compare CFJs 2164 and 2180, whose submitter was
also evidently a person despite being anonymous.