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============================  Appeal 2248a  ============================

Panelist:                               BobTHJ
Decision:                               AFFIRM

Panelist:                               Wooble
Decision:                               AFFIRM

Panelist:                               ais523
Decision:                               AFFIRM



Appeal initiated:                       03 Nov 2008 02:41:10 GMT
Assigned to BobTHJ (panelist):          03 Nov 2008 04:49:07 GMT
Assigned to Wooble (panelist):          03 Nov 2008 04:49:07 GMT
Assigned to ais523 (panelist):          03 Nov 2008 04:49:07 GMT
Wooble moves to AFFIRM:                 12 Nov 2008 13:58:19 GMT
ais523 moves to AFFIRM:                 12 Nov 2008 15:48:41 GMT
BobTHJ moves to AFFIRM:                 12 Nov 2008 21:58:49 GMT
Final decision (AFFIRM):                12 Nov 2008 22:31:07 GMT


Panelist Wooble's Arguments:

We judge AFFIRM with an error rating of 74 and the following concurring

Game custom holds that terms defined in contracts can be used in the
context of those contracts to have their contract-defined meanings.
Rule 754 only regulated what meaning a term should have by default;
when it's reasonable to assume a non-default meaning such an
assumption can and should be made.

Had a separate contract referred to USD, the existence of the
GREETINGS TO YOU SIR pledge could have created an ambiguity, and it
would in such a case be prudent for a judge to attempt to ascertain
the intent of the parties to the contract.  In this case, there's no
such ambiguity as the use of the term immediately follows its