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==============================  CFJ 2059  ==============================

    BobTHJ holds the Patent Title Left in a Huff.


Caller:                                 G.
Barred:                                 BobTHJ

Judge:                                  ais523
Judgement:                              FALSE



Called by G.:                           01 Jul 2008 19:00:33 GMT
Assigned to ais523:                     04 Jul 2008 06:33:19 GMT
Judged FALSE by ais523:                 04 Jul 2008 15:05:36 GMT


Caller's Arguments:

On or about 16 Jan 2008 (according to the Registrar's report) BobTHJ
published a Cantus Cygneus and deregistered/was deregistered in a
Writ of FAGE.

At the time, R1922/22 did not define Left in a Huff, nor did any other

On or about 12 Feb 2008, Proposal 5434 added the following to Rule 1922:
      (f)  Left in a Huff, to be awarded by the Clerk of the Courts or
           the Registrar (whichever one gets around to it first) to any
           player who publishes a Cantus Cygneus.

Finally, on or about Mar 3, 2008, Registrar root attempted to award the
title to BobTHJ:

> Oops.  I award the title of Left in a Huff to BobTHJ.

The question is, does the way 1922(f) empower an award based on publishing
a Cantus Cygneus before 1922(f) existed?  I argue no, as the verb use
"who publishes" does not adequately imply or allow us to infer retroactive


Judge ais523's Arguments:

Rule 649 states:
      A Patent Title CAN only be awarded by a proposal, or by the
      announcement of a person specifically authorized by the Rules to
      make that award.
The question is, at the time when the then Registrar attempted to award
Left in a Huff to BobTHJ, was e specifically authorized by the Rules to
do so? At that point, the relevant part of Rule 1922 stated:
      (f)  Left in a Huff, to be awarded by the Clerk of the Courts or
           the Registrar (whichever one gets around to it first) to any
           player who publishes a Cantus Cygneus.
The arguments given focus on the 'who publishes' part of this rule; this
is, to me, ambiguous, but I believe that the most sensible reading of
this is "whenever a player publishes a Cantus Cygneus, this event
happens", i.e. it's a one-off event. Therefore, the event envisaged in
rule 1922 happens at the point at which the Cantus Cygneus is published,
so if it was before the rule was added, the event never happens at all.
This implies FALSE.

However, there is another matter to consider, which is in the words 'to
be awarded'. This, to me, does not seem to meet rule 649's criterion of
"specifically authorized by the Rules"; which person is authorized, if
any? Whichever of the CotC or the Registrar gets round to it first is
possibly authorized (even this is dubious, because it isn't very
specific, but game custom is that awarding patent titles is possible in
some cases); however, the only way to tell when a player gets round to
it is when they attempt to award the title. This produces an interesting
chicken-and-egg problem, where the title cannot be awarded until an
attempt has been made to award the title. It could be said that the
initial attempt to award the title validates itself; but this is hardly
specific, as rule 649 implies. Therefore, it is impossible to award
Champion until the CotC or the Registrar specifically states or implies
that they have got round to it, and as that (as far as I can tell)
didn't happen, this again implies FALSE.