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==============================  CFJ 1648  ==============================

    BobTHJ registered on or about Mon, 30 Apr 2007 12:06:41 -0600.


Caller:                                 Murphy

Judge:                                  Maud
Judgement:                              TRUE



Called by Murphy:                       01 May 2007 02:07:00 GMT
Assigned to Maud:                       11 May 2007 06:22:47 GMT
Judged TRUE by Maud:                    14 May 2007 21:49:05 GMT


Caller's Arguments:

Rule 869 states "A person registers or deregisters by announcement",
and Rule 478 states "A player performs an action 'by announcement'
by announcing that e performs it".  However, BobTHJ did not announce
"I register", e announced "I hereby request permission to register".

I could swear that some variation or other of this issue has been
judged in the past, but darned if I can find it.


Judge Maud's Arguments:

The conditionally sworn statement of the Caller refers to CFJ 1263.
The Caller of that CFJ argued that Goethe had not become a player
because Goethe attempted to register directly instead of requesting
registration, as was required by rule 869/9.  The Judge of that CFJ
held to the contrary that Goethe had indeed become a player, for two
reasons.  First, the rule makes it clear that the request does not
directly oblige any person besides the potential new player to do
anything; it specifies the mechanism of registration, namely, sending
a message, rather than requiring a request, which, after all, must be
made of someone.  Second, according to a broad interpretation of rule
754/4, sending a message clearly expressing intent to register should
be interpreted as sending a request to register.

There are two apparent difficulties with applying the reasoning of
either the Caller of CFJ 1263 or the Judge of CFJ 1263 to the current
case.  First, the rules have been changed, and second, the situation
is directly reversed.  Now the rules state that a player registers by
announcement, and BobTHJ requested permission to register.  However,
examining rule 754/6 does not reveal changes from 754/4 major enough
to suggest that Judge Steve's argument that a message clearly
expressing intent to register and a message requesting registration
should be interpreted in the same way is no longer sound.  I find that
requesting permission to register is most reasonably interpreted as
requesting to register.  Applying Judge Steve's arguments, I therefore
find that BobTHJ sent a message which can be interpreted as an attempt
to register.  Since rule 869/17 allows persons to register by
announcement, I find that BobTHJ's attempt to register succeeded.


Judge Maud's Evidence:

Rule 754/4 (Power=1)
Spelling, Quoting, and Terminology

     Differences in spelling, grammar, or dialect, or the
     substitution of a word or phrase by a synonym or abbreviation,
     are inconsequential in all forms of Nomic communication, as long
     as there is no ambiguity in meaning.  A Player shall not be
     penalised for accurately quoting a Rule, Proposal, Statement,
     Judgement, the words of another Player, or other reference.

     Except when the Rules explicitly state otherwise, any
     mathematical term in the Rules shall be construed to have its
     standard mathematical meaning.  In particular, "number" shall
     mean "real number".

     This Rule takes precedence over any other Rule which specifies
     terminology or grammar.

Rule 754/6 (Power=3)
Definition Definitions

     Regularity of communication being essential for the healthy
     function of any nomic, it is hereby resolved:

     (1) A difference in spelling, grammar, or dialect, or the use of
         a synonym or abbreviation in place of a word or phrase, is
         inconsequential in all forms of communication, as long as
         the difference does not create an ambiguity in meaning.

     (2) A term explicitly defined by the Rules shall be interpreted
         as having that meaning, as shall its ordinary-language
         synonyms not explicitly defined by the rules.

     (3) Any term primarily used in mathematical or legal contexts,
         and not addressed by previous provisions of this Rule, shall
         be interpreted as having the meaning it has in those

     (4) Any term not addressed by previous provisions of this Rule
         shall be interpreted as having its ordinary-language

     This rule takes precedence over any other rules which dictate
     terminology or grammar.

Rule 869/9 (Power=1)
Registered Players

     Any non-Player person may register by sending a message to a
     Public Forum requesting registration.  The person immediately
     becomes a registered Player, unless other Rules provide
     additional necessary conditions for registration which have not
     been fulfilled.

     If that person had ever previously been registered as at least
     one Player (not necessarily concurrently if more than one), then
     e shall become the Player e had been most recently.

     A Player may select a nickname for emself at any time by sending
     a public message to that effect, but e need not do so.  A Player
     should be identified by eir nickname, if e has one.  However,
     any unambiguous method of identification is allowed.

Rule 869/17 (Power=1)
How to Join and Leave Agora

     A person who is not currently registered as a player and is not
     prohibited from registering is permitted to register.

     A person registers or deregisters by announcement.

     Whenever a person registers, e becomes a player.

     Whenever a player deregisters or is deregistered, e ceases to be
     a player and is prohibited from registering for the next thirty